Additive-Free Dim Sum Delivered to Your Door

Healthy and Delicious. We have 19 varieties of handcrafted authentic Dim Sum. Delivered premium frozen to your door for a Dim Sum party, afternoon tea or midnight snack. Produced by our partner Sugarlady with their promise to provide food that absolutely never contains any of the 449 food additives permitted in Japanese food. 100% natural Dim Sum made in the traditional way. Ready to heat and serve anytime.

Succulent Shumai

Shumai are a Dim Sum classic. We offer three traditional varieties and a fourth with a twist. Choose from pork shumai, shrimp shumai, minced pork shumai and our favorite unique variation, shumai with edamame and mixed grains. Steam and go. Yummy!

Shumai dumpling with Edamame (green soybeans) and mixed grains online
Gyoza (Uncooked Pot Stickers) online

Glorious Gyoza

Get ready for a gyoza line-up that will impress even the most jaded Dim Sum connoisseur. Seven gyoza offerings including Sichuan gyoza, gyoza with shiso leaves, yuzu kosho gyoza, ginger gyoza and jumbo gyoza. Pan fry or steamed? So many gyoza. So easy to prepare.

Tools for a Steamy Evening

Yes, we have authentic bamboo steamers to make perfect dumplings every time. You can find just the steamer or a steamer and pot set. Remember that you can stack the steamer baskets so you only need to buy one lid.

Small Chinese steamer set-A
Garlic chive manju (Chinese dumplings)-A

Round & Ready

Hand-crafted nikuman buns, garlic chive manju, soft round pork dumplings and shrimp balls wrapped in egg help “round-out” your Dim Sum delight.

Wok & Roll

Our black vinegar sweet & sour pork does not disappoint. Don’t miss our shrimp in chili sauce, Yurinchi fried chicken, or other savory mains.

Viva Chef black sweet vinegar sauce-A
Shanghai fried noodles online

Noodles & Rice Galore

Craving noodles? Try our Ramen and Shanghai Noodles! Don’t miss our fried rice, a must show for any real deal Chinese meal.

Not Sure? Go for Dim Sum Fun!

We have a nice set for those of you who want to make it easy. 4 types of authentic dim sum and a bamboo steamer. Doesn’t get any easier!

Dim Sum Fun Dumpling Set