Additive-Free Wagashi Delivered to Your Door

It takes years of training to be able to expertly hand-craft “Wagashi” Japanese traditional sweets. Lucky for all of us that our partner Sugarlady has prepared a great line-up of these delicious dessert delicacies. Absolutely additive-free Wagashi. Delivered premium frozen to any address in Japan. Just thaw and enjoy!

Daifuku Delight

Delicately sweet daifuku rice cakes filled with Azuki red bean goodness. Several varieties available including yomogi, shio (salt) and mame. Comes premium frozen. Just defrost and enjoy this natural and additive-free treat.

Shio Daifuku (Sweet rice cake with hint of salt and half ground redbean paste)-A
Dorayaki (Half-ground bean paste) buy now

Don’t Despair Dorayaki is Here

Dorayaki is a traditional Japanese sweet that combines red bean paste with a moist pancake made with honey and cream. The red beans are from Hokkaido and are soaked in Okinawa seawater then sweetened. Comes premium frozen in packs of four.

Yummy Yokan

Yokan is a soft traditional paste cake made from just three ingredients; sweet potatoes, salt and sugar. This yokan is crafted from Beni Azuma sweet potatoes known for their extra sweetness and Moshio, a mild salt extracted from seaweed using an ancient method handed down over the ages. Thaw and eat or place in the toaster oven for a roasted treat.

Sweet potato Yokan (Sweet potato paste cake)-A
Hand-grilled Ogura Kintsuba-A

Kicking Kintsuba

Traditional red bean cake wrapped in a paper-thin dough and hand grilled. These artisan-made sweets are prepared from kaori red beans and natural beat sugar from Hokkaido. A touch of sea salt from Izu Oshima enhances the flavor. Thaw and serve.

Match it with Matcha

No Japanese sweet experience is complete without matcha. Try HealthyTOKYO’s premium organic, Japanese matcha. The absolute highest quality available. Comes in a 30g tin (not frozen)

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