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Night Yoga in Tokyo at Jingu Stadium

The third event of Night Yoga in Tokyo at Jingu Stadium, held last year, became the biggest Yoga event in Japan with over 13,000 participants. The 2020 Tokyo Olympics is soon upon us, so this year's event will further revitalize Tokyo through Yoga. HealthyTOKYO is looking forward to the first Jingu Stadium Night Yoga event [...]

Healthy New Year!

In what seems like a blink of the eye 2017 is behind us and we’re hurtling into 2018, ready or not.  A new year usually has most thinking about change and fresh starts. Healthy Tokyo brings a wish of health and happiness for you.   We want you to be the best possible version of yourself [...]

Night Yoga in Tokyo with Jingu Active Icon

Night yoga in Tokyo cover
The weather might not be so summery today but the conditions are always perfect for Night Yoga in Tokyo! HealthyTOKYO is looking forward to the first Jingu Stadium Night Yoga event of the year, tonight! The doors open at 7pm for a 7.30pm start. Tonight’s hour long opening yoga session will be conducted by Maiko! Dedicated [...]

Jingu Stadium Night Yoga Events

Jingu stadium night yoga
Jingu Stadium Night Yoga is the perfect event if you’re looking to take advantage of the last few remaining warmer nights, make friends and get fit while doing it! Jingu Active Icon, the group behind the event, is bringing together the greats of the Japanese yoga community for free hour long, sessions for all to enjoy! [...]

5 Tips For Getting Back Into Shape In 2017 – Set Your Goals Today

5 Tips For Getting Back Into Shape In 2017
Another holiday season has come and gone, the parties and buffets are over and our thoughts turn to losing those holiday pounds and inches and getting back into shape. Here are 5 effective and healthy tips to help you get into the best shape of your life: Set Goals For getting back into shape, forget [...]

Creatine in Japan

creatine in Japan
Creatine, also known as creatine monohydrate, was first discovered in 1832 but only became truly popular among athletes in the 1990s. It works by regenerating a molecule called adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is your body’s main source of energy. Creatine is produced naturally in the body and can also be obtained from protein-rich foods such as meat [...]

Karate Dojo in Tokyo joins HealthyTOKYO

Practice Karate in Tokyo at Kyokushin Daikanyama Dojo package
A Karate Dojo in Tokyo is our latest partner to help you stay fit and healthy. Lead by world-renowned master, Shokei Matsui, Kyokushin Daikanyama Dojo is the most spacious place in Tokyo for you to master the real art of Kyokushin Karate. Kyokushin Karate is a full-contact style of martial art that gives you a great opportunity to train [...]

TELL Charity Walk & Run Aims to “Shatter Stigma” in 2016

TELL Charity Walk & Run
This month provides an opportunity to do something good for yourself (exercise!) while doing something good for the community (supporting mental health in Japan!). The 17th TELL Charity Walk & Run will take place at the Tama River (Tamagawa) on Saturday, May 28th, and all proceeds will support TELL in its efforts to provide confidential [...]