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In The Gym in Hamamatsucho a Fitness Club in Minato-ku

In The Gym in Hamamatsucho a Fitness Club in Minato-ku
There is a new gym in Hamamatsucho just a 5-minute walk from Daimon station, for all of you craving a fitness club in Minato-ku. We caught up with the CEO of In The Gym, Akiyoshi Higuchi and his colleagues on their opening day – June 22, 2015. HealthyTOKYO is always happy to see a good gym come [...]

Hilton Odawara Resort & Spa Campaign Winner

View from Hilton Odawara Resort & Spa
We thoroughly enjoyed our recent stay at the Hilton Odawara Resort and Spa. It is a large multi-faceted resort that still has a very intimate personal feel about it. It is the perfect quick get away from Tokyo, taking about 35 minutes via Shinkansen to the town and then hop the complimentary shuttle to the resort. All [...]

Relaxation and the Parasympathetic Nervous System

Many of my patients talk about how much they want to have a baby. They are diligent patients and wait hours in lobbies to see their western fertility specialist, micromanage their lifestyle and constantly rearranging their schedules around their treatment protocols. In all that hustle and bustle it is hard to take a moment to [...]

Radio Taisou – The national exercise of Japan

Radio Taiso Excercise Japan
Folks, if you ask any individual who has been to school in Japan, what “Radio Taisou” ラジオ体操 is, they will give you not only a description, but most likely a music-laden preview of this national exercise. I remember during summers, waking up early around 6am, to meet friends on school grounds to take part in [...]

Hospitals and Clinics in Hakuba Japan – Skiing Preparation

Hakuba Japan in Nagano prefecture is world-renown for its Olympic-class winter resorts. Blessed with an abundance of powder snow and well-equipped facilities, locals and travelers flock to this winter wonderland. When planning for a trip to Hakuba, we should also know which hospitals and clinics to go to in the unfortunate case of broken bones or other medical emergencies.
The following excerpt from the Hakuba tourism bureau’s pamphlet on medical services is interesting for what it does and doesn’t say