Matcha Almond Truffles – with a special ingredient

matcha almond truffles en healthy

Truffles are a delicious snack when you are on the go. These matcha almond truffles are made with HealthyTOKYO’s premium organic matcha for a burst of energy and vibrant green that only comes with good quality matcha. At En Healthy, we wanted to bring a touch of the mediterranean, so the flower water adds a refined […]

Matcha Granola – Crunchy Breakfast Goodness

Matcha Granola 3

Granola is absolutely delicious.  It’s one of those foods that are impossible to stop eating once you’ve started.  However, when searching for a brand of granola, you might be hard pressed to find one that isn’t laden with refined carbohydrates, hydrogenated oils and refined sugar.  The solution to this issue is of course, to make it yourself! […]

Vegan Matcha Oatmeal

vegan matcha oatmeal

Everybody always asks me if it’s hard to be vegan in Japan but since I started working at HealthyTOKYO, it’s been so much easier because of the access to healthy, vegan food!  Aside from the rolled oats, all of the ingredients in this recipe are available on our online store.  Consider us a one stop shop […]

Roppongi Izumi Garden Marche Pop up Store

Roppongi Izumi Garden marche

Pop-up stores are all the rage now and we are pleased to announce that HealthyTOKYO will have a stall at the Roppongi Izumi Garden Marche! The theme for this months lifestyle event is ‘Organic and Healthy Products’ and seeing as HealthyTOKYO is your one stop shop for “all you need to stay healthy in Japan”, we jumped on the […]

Matcha Ginger Turmeric Latte

matcha ginger turmeric latte 2

There’s only one more month of winter left, yet I find myself knocking back hot drinks constantly in an effort to keep warm.  In order to maximize the health benefits while still maintaining the utmost flavor, I decided to create this recipe.  This Matcha Ginger Turmeric Latte recipe contains THREE superfoods, all harmoniously uniting to […]

Matcha Guacamole – The Perfect Party Food with a Japanese Edge

Matcha Guacamole

Did anyone watch the Super Bowl on the weekend? I’m not a hardcore football fan but what I do love about the Super Bowl is the food!  That’s why I created this Matcha Guacamole recipe.  No Super Bowl party is complete without guacamole.  This luscious, creamy avocado dip is filled to the brim with healthy […]

Matcha Baileys Shot – The Perfect Winter Pick-Me-Up Cocktail

Matcha Baileys Shot recipe

As we launch straight into February, the weather seems to be cooling down further, even though the end of winter is in sight. Luckily, the days are usually sunny and dry enough to be enjoyable. However, the nights are frosty and almost always accompanied by an icy wind that will chill your breath, as it […]

Matcha Pancakes

matcha pancakes

If you’ve been wanting to spice up that boring old pancake recipe then these matcha pancakes are for you!  These matcha pancakes will certainly be a crowd pleaser for Sunday breakfast.  Surprise your friends and family with the vibrant green hue that only pure, organic matcha powder can provide.  HealthyTOKYO Matcha gives these pancakes a Japanese […]

Matcha Shiso Salmon – a savory dinner winner

Matcha Shiso Salmon

As an island, fish is a staple in Japanese cuisine.  This recipe for Matcha Shiso Salmon combines three uniquely Japanese flavors to brighten up your palate. Salmon is also a great source of lean protein with healthy omega 3s.  Among all sources of protein, fish is also kinder to the environment. You may have seen ‘Shiso‘ […]