Occupational Physician in Japan – All you need to know

Occupational Medicine In Japan – Does your work place have an Occupational Physician (産業医)?

Occupational physician In Japan might not be a term you are familiar with. Whether you just moved to Japan or have been living here for years, if you are an active member of the workforce the question of workplace medicine and health is sure to have crossed your mind at some point. Having said this, […]

Benefits of Non-Invasive HIFU Treatment for Prostate Cancer

HIFU treatment for prostate cancer

We’ve extensively covered the symptoms, causes, screening methods and different treatments for stomach cancer. Now we are turning the focus to a ground-breaking treatment for prostate cancer. Cancer is a diagnosis we all fear hearing one day and its prevention of this disease and its many forms that provide many of us with the necessary motivation to live […]

Erectile Dysfunction in Japan – Causes and Therapy


What causes Erectile Dysfunction? Erectile dysfunction in men can be caused due to psychological factors such as stress or physical aspects like problems with hormones, nerves and blood vessels associated with arousal. Lifestyle related factors such as smoking or physical inactivity can also lead to ED. In a majority of the cases, ED occurs due to […]

Staying Safe with Condoms in Japan

Condoms in Japan

Let’s face it. Size matters. As we soon realize, buying a pair of shoes too large or too small has its uncomfortable consequences. However, buying a pair of shoes requires some experience and perhaps trying a variety of brands. Some never find the perfect brand and settle for popular recommendations, whilst others swear by one […]

Propecia in Japan

propecia in japan

Good news for men suffering from alopecia is that the drug Propecia in Japan is readily available at plastic surgeon and dermatology clinics as well as hair loss treatment centers, and easily prescribed by general practitioners. Your daily regimen can remain the same, and the costs are comparable to that in the U.S. At one such clinic you could […]

Viagra in Japan

viagra in japan

Viagra in Japan is the drug of choice for men with a treatable problem. So if you have been diagnosed with Erectile Dysfunction (ED), and you have been prescribed Viagra (sildenafil citrate), there’s no need to concern yourself about any disruption of your regimen given a move to Japan. The best physician to consult with regarding a prescription for Viagra […]

Hair Loss in Japan

hair loss in japan

Hair loss in Japan remains a stressful subject, since male pattern baldness for Japanese men tops the list in Asia. Yet there is certainly hope for expats living here or on their way. While some Japanese have been known to use a shoe-polish-like concoction to conceal bald spots or lack of follicles thereof, wives tales claim […]

Circumcision in Japan

circumcision in japan

Circumcision in Japan is not an operation traditional to the culture.  A general study of global male circumcision rates shows that less than 1% of the population in Japan is circumcised. With the exception of Korea with a high circumcision rate of nearly 80%, most Asian countries have a circumcised population of about 10%. Recently, […]