Kale Coconut Bites – A Healthy Snack Full of Greens

Kale coconut bites 1

Kale is one of my favorite superfoods and I always strive to create recipes that are healthy and delicious! These kale coconut bites use organic kale powder from Denmark. The wonderful thing about this kale powder is that it is freeze dried no higher than 42°C so all the important vitamins and nutrients are locked in, […]

How-to Add Kale To Your Diet In Japan

In order to help people live healthier lives, I’m constantly thinking up how to add kale to your diet in Japan. Anyone who knows me knows that I love this rich, green vegetable. Whenever possible, kale is my go to salad green. I always favor kale over regular lettuce for the extra nutritional punch it packs. My salad bowl […]

Back to School Lunch Ideas in Japan

back to school lunch ideas in Japan

It’s hard to think about back to school lunch ideas in Japan when you’re in the midst of summer vacation. Summer and a freer schedule is a refreshing and welcome change for most families.  Less time is spent watching the clock during the carefree days of summer and meals are more relaxed. As summer winds down and […]

Healthy Bread in Japan as Part of a Balanced Diet

healthy bread in japan

Healthy bread in Japan is always on my shopping list. I’d wager most people eat healthy bread in Japan at least once a day. Whether it’s a hot and crunchy piece of toast in the morning, a focaccia sandwich at lunchtime or a chewy piece of naan bread with curry; bread is a major staple […]

Organic Rice in Japan Combines History, Health & Quality

organic rice in Japan

If you were asked to name a food synonymous with Japan, rice would most likely be your answer.  Rice is deeply embedded in the cultural fabric of Japan.  It is the world’s most important food crop ahead of wheat, corn and bananas.  Rice is a major staple for many countries all over the world.  But have you […]

How To Buy Healthy Groceries in Japan

how to buy healthy groceries in Japan

Navigating how to buy healthy groceries in Japan is a major concern as an expat in Japan. Have you ever given much thought to what additives are in your food? Currently in Japan, there are four hundred and forty nine additives allowed in food regulated by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. 449!  To […]

Looking For Pure, Organic Juice Without Added Sugar?

pure organic juice without added sugar

My favorite pure, organic juice without added sugar rivals the first bite into a luscious piece of fruit.  When I taste fresh fruit in season, the image of the fruit hanging off the tree always comes with it.  That refreshing flavor is hard to come by unless you pick fruit straight from the orchard, until […]

The HealthyTOKYO Debut Live on NHK Asaichi

The HealthyTOKYO Debut Live on NHK Asaichi 1

Did you catch the HealthyTOKYO debut live on NHK Asaichi? It seems that we’re not the only ones obsessed with matcha because the popular morning show invited Mike and Norma to talk about how this superfood is taking the world by storm and to showcase two original, healthy matcha recipes. Japan’s number one morning talk […]

Non-Alcoholic Matcha Mojito – A Healthy Cocktail (As Seen Live on NHK Asaichi!)

non alcoholic matcha mojito 2

This Non-alcoholic Matcha Mojito is my go-to cocktail for summer. This delicious, healthy cocktail will be featured on NHK Asaichi on the July 11 because it’s one of my favorite drinks and it’s really easy to make. I like to live a healthy lifestyle and I truly believe in enjoying “everything in moderation”. The great thing about this non-alcoholic […]