Three Important Steps to Cure Sun Damage

Sun rays can damage the DNA and the genetic material of the skin cells deep in the dermis layer. As a result, these cells become dysfunctional and may not adequately produce collagen causing the skin to sag, which creates lines and wrinkles. If these damaged cells do not renew properly the skin becomes thick, dull and […]

Marugo Deli Organic Juice Shop in Tokyo joins HealthyTOKYO

Organic Juice in Tokyo - Marugo Deli

Are you on the lookout for organic juice in Tokyo? Marugo Deli organic juice shop in Tokyo joins HealthyTOKYO. The cafe in Ebisu is the latest organic, vegan and natural food Healthy Partner. Marugo Deli (look for a sign with a circle and a “5” inside) is located in a well- positioned corner shop that is a […]

Waikoloa Beach Resort – Popular places to stay and eat on the Big Island of Hawaii

The Waikoloa Beach resort is a popular destination for places to stay and eat on the Big Island of Hawaii.  There are two major golf courses, restaurants, the Marriott, the Hilton, shopping and of course a sandy beach for relaxation and water sports. You can also find various condominiums in this area including peaceful Waikoloa […]

Walking around Tokyo takes its toll

Walking around Tokyo

Walking around Tokyo takes its toll. Recently I have noticed a lot of people with ankle and knee problems also complaining about posture and bone spurs on the bottom of their feet. I often notice that these patients are not equally spreading the weight between the bones in their feet when they stand and walk. […]

Face Masks in Japan

Face masks in Japan

Contrary to common misconceptions, most surgical masks do not protect against air pollution and therefore smog is not the primary reason people wear face masks in Japan. Pollution in Japan is not as much of a concern as it can be in China and the majority of these masks do not prevent the wearer from breathing in minute […]

Hand washing in Japan – Clean and clear benefits

Hand washing in Japan - Clean and clear benefits

Ever wonder about those guys who don’t wash their hands in public restrooms? Dan McGuire has contributed the following piece for a better understanding of hand washing in Japan that will certainly motivate us all to use more soap and water. HealthyTOKYO Team Hand washing in Japan – Clean and clear benefits  Cleanliness is all about perception […]

Thai Massage in Tokyo – Two Great Options

Thai Traditional Massage in Senju - Ra-imu foot massage

Looking for a Thai Massage in Tokyo for all that ails you? Here are two great options with professionally trained and certified staff to stretch your muscles and work out the kinks. Erawan Thai Traditional Massage is located in the heart of Roppongi conveniently situated between two iconic complexes; Roppongi Midtown and Roppongi Hills. Nii Saengsuwan […]

Kona Natural Soap Company – Hawaii’s Gift to the World

Soap – we all use it, but do we know what’s in it? No question about the natural soaps produced by Kona Natural Soap Company. These bars smell good enough to eat and are 100% natural. They start with a vegan base of a combination of olive oil, palm kernel oil, coconut oil, Hawaiian kukui nut […]

Enoshima Island Spa – Coffee with a View

Enoshima Island Spa on

With Golden Week upon us, many of us are thinking about where we could go for a nice day trip near Tokyo. How about a cup of delicious coffee with the ultimate view after a spa treatment in beautiful Enoshima? Enoshima is a small offshore island home to some of the closest sandy beaches to […]