Canadian wine shop in Tokyo – 10% off for HealthyTOKYO Members at Heavenly Vines

grapes Wine Shop in Tokyo

We recently had the pleasure to meet with Jamie Paquin the co-owner of Heavenly Vines – the only exclusively Canadian wine shop in Tokyo.  Actually, the only Canadian wine shop in Japan. “Canadian wine?” you may ask? – Yes, that was our reaction as well. Can it be good? After a short discussion with this […]

Health Benefits of Olive Oil

Kaikoukai Medical Group

Extra virgin olive oil—the all-natural juice pressed from just-picked olives—is so delicious that at Italian olive oil factories they give it to you in a spoon to taste. They even give it to babies in Italy because the structure of the fatty acids in olive oil is so similar to breast milk. It is also an integral part of the much-admired Mediterranean diet.