Organic Beauty Salon in Tokyo – Terme Felice

Yukari-Toufuku-at-Terme Felice Organic Day Spa in Tokyo

Located in the heart of Daikanyama is an organic beauty salon in Tokyo, virtually unknown to the English-speaking community – Until now. Terme Felice organic beauty salon in Tokyo is the brainchild of Yukari Toufuku who is passionate about the positive effects of organic treatments and cosmetics to naturally energize and rejuvenate your skin. She has […]

The 7 steps to getting plastic surgery in Japan

The 7 steps to getting plastic surgery in Japan

Akai Medical Clinic in Omotesando works with patients interested in a variety of procedures from nasal reshaping to breast augmentation and anti-aging laser skin treatments. In this article, they’ll discuss the step-by-step protocol involved in getting plastic surgery in Japan. The decision to get plastic surgery is a large one that requires careful planning and thorough […]

Seeking Treatment for Acne in Japan

seeking treatment for acne in japan

In a land of seemingly perfect appearances, it is difficult to believe that acne is a common affliction for people of all ages. Take heart that acne is common, with treatment covered by National Health Insurance in Japan. This is good news for acne sufferers who understand only too well that acne isn’t simply a superficial ailment that will go away by avoiding […]

Plastic Surgeons in Tokyo and Yokohama joins HealthyTOKYO


When entrusting your physical appearance and wellness to a physician, you want to know you’re in the best hands possible, literally. Plastic surgeons in Tokyo and Yokohama — Akai Medical Clinic and Akai Clinic Skincare — provide the best care possible in the greater Tokyo area for those looking to enhance their appearance through plastic surgery and […]

Keeping Your Fingernails Healthy, Strong & Beautiful

We are sorry to say that Beauté Absolue nail salon in Minato-ku is no longer open until further notice. People often take the condition of their nails for granted. Other than smashing a hammer or dropping a heavy object on one, what could go wrong? The answer is: plenty. Here are some tips on how to […]

What Are Your Nails Telling You?

We are sorry to say that Beauté Absolue nail salon in Minato-ku is no longer open until further notice. Take a moment, right now, to really look at your fingernails. What are your nails telling you? Their appearance and condition can provide vital clues to the state of your health, and even indicate life-threatening problems with […]

Three Important Steps to Cure Sun Damage

Sun rays can damage the DNA and the genetic material of the skin cells deep in the dermis layer. As a result, these cells become dysfunctional and may not adequately produce collagen causing the skin to sag, which creates lines and wrinkles. If these damaged cells do not renew properly the skin becomes thick, dull and […]

Sunscreen in Japan – What you need to know

Sunscreen in Japan - What you need to Know

You have probably seen Japanese women sporting sun umbrellas, arm gloves and sometimes even masks during sunny days. It is common knowledge that getting a suntan in Japan is not considered as attractive as it can be in the western world. Even if you do not necessarily desire fair skin, you should still use sun protection, […]

Onsen hot springs near Tokyo & Yokohama – Two best picks

View from Pool at Enoshima Island Spa Onsen near Tokyo & Yokohama

Looking for onsen hot springs near Tokyo & Yokohama? Want to get away for a relaxing dip in a traditional Japanese bath and make it back to the city in time for dinner? Actually you may want to stay for dinner as both of the places we describe below have wonderful food in addition to natural […]