Circumcision in Japan

circumcision in japan

Circumcision in Japan is not an operation traditional to the culture.  A general study of global male circumcision rates shows that less than 1% of the population in Japan is circumcised. With the exception of Korea with a high circumcision rate of nearly 80%, most Asian countries have a circumcised population of about 10%. Recently, […]

Face Masks in Japan

Face masks in Japan

Contrary to common misconceptions, most surgical masks do not protect against air pollution and therefore smog is not the primary reason people wear face masks in Japan. Pollution in Japan is not as much of a concern as it can be in China and the majority of these masks do not prevent the wearer from breathing in minute […]

Hand washing in Japan – Clean and clear benefits

Hand washing in Japan - Clean and clear benefits

Ever wonder about those guys who don’t wash their hands in public restrooms? Dan McGuire has contributed the following piece for a better understanding of hand washing in Japan that will certainly motivate us all to use more soap and water. HealthyTOKYO Team Hand washing in Japan – Clean and clear benefits  Cleanliness is all about perception […]

Kona Natural Soap Company – Hawaii’s Gift to the World

Soap – we all use it, but do we know what’s in it? No question about the natural soaps produced by Kona Natural Soap Company. These bars smell good enough to eat and are 100% natural. They start with a vegan base of a combination of olive oil, palm kernel oil, coconut oil, Hawaiian kukui nut […]