Froozer – 100% all natural whole fruit frozen bar now available in Japan

Meet Froozer. Three flavors of blended frozen fruit bars you can enjoy guilt-free. Made with 100% whole fruit, freshly harvested and picked at its peak of ripeness. Froozer is never heated, thus maintaining all of the nutrients of fresh fruit. This unique natural frozen fruit bar is making its way from Oregon to Tokyo via HealthyTOKYO, […]

Kosher Wine in Japan & Five Facts You May Not Know

Have you ever tried kosher? Are you wondering where to buy kosher wine in Japan? Here are five points to enlighten you on these world-class grapes from Israel and where to get your hands on this amazing kosher wine in Japan. 1. What is kosher wine? Kosher wine is produced per Jewish dietary laws, also known as kashrut. It […]

The Best Vegan Falafels in Tokyo at Falafel Brothers

The best vegan falafels in Tokyo at falafel brothers 4

We have found the best vegan falafels in Tokyo at Falafel Brothers! This public service announcement is coming to you courtesy of HealthyTOKYO’s resident vegan! Daisuke and Toshiaki, long time vegetarians, lamented over how hard it was to find delicious and healthy vegetarian fast food in Tokyo. The two brothers’ vision of a cool Middle […]

International Supermarket National Azabu in Minato-ku joins HealthyTOKYO

matcha tasting event at national Azabu!

Healthy, organic, vegetarian, Kosher and Halal foods have never been easier to find in Tokyo. The iconic international supermarket National Azabu in Minato-ku has definitely kept up with the trends in healthy eating as they stock their shelves with the right stuff. HealthyTOKYO is happy to announce that National Azabu has joined the extensive health and wellness […]