Booking doctor appointments online in Japan

Booking doctor appointments online in Japan

Booking doctor appointments online in Japan with English-speaking doctors has never been easier. Have you had the thought that traveling all the way over to the clinic or hospital to make the appointment is a hassle, I certainly have. Not interested in any services that require a subscription and you would much rather like the […]

Organic Beauty Salon in Tokyo – Terme Felice

Yukari-Toufuku-at-Terme Felice Organic Day Spa in Tokyo

Located in the heart of Daikanyama is an organic beauty salon in Tokyo, virtually unknown to the English-speaking community – Until now. Terme Felice organic beauty salon in Tokyo is the brainchild of Yukari Toufuku who is passionate about the positive effects of organic treatments and cosmetics to naturally energize and rejuvenate your skin. She has […]

Dr. Kakuko Sports Orthopedist in Tokyo Joins HealthyTOKYO

It is hard to find an English speaking sports orthopedist in Tokyo, Japan. It is even harder to find a sports medicine clinic that takes a holistic approach to treatment, including medical diagnosis and therapy, physiotherapy, Pilates, nutrition counseling stretching and others. We have found one to the benefit of the expat community and visitors to […]

Onsen hot springs near Tokyo & Yokohama – Two best picks

View from Pool at Enoshima Island Spa Onsen near Tokyo & Yokohama

Looking for onsen hot springs near Tokyo & Yokohama? Want to get away for a relaxing dip in a traditional Japanese bath and make it back to the city in time for dinner? Actually you may want to stay for dinner as both of the places we describe below have wonderful food in addition to natural […]

Thai Massage in Tokyo – Two Great Options

Thai Traditional Massage in Senju - Ra-imu foot massage

Looking for a Thai Massage in Tokyo for all that ails you? Here are two great options with professionally trained and certified staff to stretch your muscles and work out the kinks. Erawan Thai Traditional Massage is located in the heart of Roppongi conveniently situated between two iconic complexes; Roppongi Midtown and Roppongi Hills. Nii Saengsuwan […]

Enoshima Island Spa – Coffee with a View

Enoshima Island Spa on

With Golden Week upon us, many of us are thinking about where we could go for a nice day trip near Tokyo. How about a cup of delicious coffee with the ultimate view after a spa treatment in beautiful Enoshima? Enoshima is a small offshore island home to some of the closest sandy beaches to […]

Hilton Odawara Resort & Spa Campaign Winner

View from Hilton Odawara Resort & Spa

We thoroughly enjoyed our recent stay at the Hilton Odawara Resort and Spa. It is a large multi-faceted resort that still has a very intimate personal feel about it. It is the perfect quick get away from Tokyo, taking about 35 minutes via Shinkansen to the town and then hop the complimentary shuttle to the resort. All […]

Acupressure for Headaches & Migraines relief in Japan

Acupressure for headaches and migraines relief in Japan

Everything happens for a reason I was born into family with a long history of bad health. Most of my extended family has either passed because of diabetes complications or cancer and my immediate family is no better. My mom had a heart attack a few years ago, my sister was born with congestive heart failure, […]

Belly Button Acupuncture: Gate to life’s energy

Have you ever wondered why your acupuncturist is constantly trying to warm up your belly button? It’s because your belly button is the exact place of a very important acupuncture point. In the west we refer to this point as CV 8 and in Japanese it’s called shinketsu 神闕. Why the difference in naming for belly button acupuncture? […]