Occupational Physician in Japan – All you need to know

Occupational Medicine In Japan – Does your work place have an Occupational Physician (産業医)?

Occupational physician In Japan might not be a term you are familiar with. Whether you just moved to Japan or have been living here for years, if you are an active member of the workforce the question of workplace medicine and health is sure to have crossed your mind at some point. Having said this, […]

Chlamydia in Japan – How to spot a curable STD

Chlamydia in Japan - how to spot a curable STD

Chlamydia in Japan is beginning to worry countless doctors in Japan. Doubtless, many of us have experienced the following situation: You are out on the town and meet and attractive stranger. You hit it off, one thing leads to another, and a few weeks later you experience a burning sensation when you pee. It looks […]

Gonorrhea in Japan: treatment and ways to avoid this STD

std condoms in japan

Gonorrhea in Japan, better known as “rinbyo” (淋病), is another STD that is very common but that can be cured with no long term effects if treatment is administered quickly. Though it may be a bit difficult to openly talk about STDs, the fact remains that it is important to arm yourself with the knowledge […]

HPV in Japan – Vaccinate against the world’s most common STD

HPV in Japan

HPV in Japan is common. Worldwide, it is the most widespread and a potentially life-threatening STD. Language and cultural differences  may leave you scratching your head, but this should not be the case when it comes to getting the proper medical advice for HPV in Japan. English-speaking medical support and HPV vaccines are available in Tokyo […]

Syphilis in Japan – How to test for this increasingly common STD

Syphilis in Japan – How to test for this increasingly common STD

Syphilis in Japan is now a real problem. Recently the number of reported syphilis cases has been on the rise, increasing the risk of contracting the disease for people who are sexually active. Coming to the realization that you may have an STD is scary, nerve-wracking, and embarrassing, but don’t let this embarrassment prevent you […]

Booking doctor appointments online in Japan

Booking doctor appointments online in Japan

Booking doctor appointments online in Japan with English-speaking doctors has never been easier. Have you had the thought that traveling all the way over to the clinic or hospital to make the appointment is a hassle, I certainly have. Not interested in any services that require a subscription and you would much rather like the […]

28 Foreigner Friendly Hospitals in Japan

28 foreigner friendly hospitals in japan

In an effort to promote Japan’s medical services to foreigners and encourage more medical tourism, Medical Excellence Japan (MEJ) released a list of 28 hospitals in Japan that are foreigner friendly. MEJ is an independent body affiliated with the government and backed by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s administration, therefore these hospitals in Japan are making a conscious […]

Benefits of Non-Invasive HIFU Treatment for Prostate Cancer

HIFU treatment for prostate cancer

We’ve extensively covered the symptoms, causes, screening methods and different treatments for stomach cancer. Now we are turning the focus to a ground-breaking treatment for prostate cancer. Cancer is a diagnosis we all fear hearing one day and its prevention of this disease and its many forms that provide many of us with the necessary motivation to live […]

Erectile Dysfunction in Japan – Causes and Therapy


What causes Erectile Dysfunction? Erectile dysfunction in men can be caused due to psychological factors such as stress or physical aspects like problems with hormones, nerves and blood vessels associated with arousal. Lifestyle related factors such as smoking or physical inactivity can also lead to ED. In a majority of the cases, ED occurs due to […]