Organic Shampoo in Japan – Cost saving advice

How to make organic shampoo in Japan

The search for organic shampoo in Japan is over!  I’m not a fancy girl. I don’t usually wear makeup and I don’t spend an entirely long time getting ready in the morning. I use my time instead to chose holistic and skin sensitive products. I do this because of my husband, children and I all […]

Not Fishy Enough: Healthy Oily Fishes in Japan and the Benefits

Eat healthy fish in Japan

Not Fishy Enough: Oily Fishes and Health Benefits We’ve all heard that fish oil is beneficial to our health and including more fish in our diet is encouraged. Among other benefits, fish consumption helps to lower cholesterol and reduces the chances of cardiovascular disease. In addition fish oil is considered to be helpful in brain […]

Spices in Tokyo – Great Deals in Shin-Okubo

spices in Tokyo

Sometimes you just can’t get enough spices in Japan. For those of us who like to cook healthy, those little packages from the supermarket constantly have to be replenished. One or two creative Italian or Middle Eastern meals and the oregano is gone.   A couple of creative curries usually means another trek to the grocer […]

New Year Campaign – Win a relaxing night at the Hilton Odawara Resort & Spa and 20% off from Tengu Natural Foods

The Hilton Odawara Resort & Spa is giving away a one night stay for two lucky couples, including breakfast and access to the on-site bade zone and natural hot springs. Tengu Natural Foods is giving 20% off from ALL orders received until March from HealthyTOKYO Members AND free shipping. Many thanks to the Hilton Odawara […]

Health Benefits of Olive Oil

Kaikoukai Medical Group

Extra virgin olive oil—the all-natural juice pressed from just-picked olives—is so delicious that at Italian olive oil factories they give it to you in a spoon to taste. They even give it to babies in Italy because the structure of the fatty acids in olive oil is so similar to breast milk. It is also an integral part of the much-admired Mediterranean diet.