Back to School Lunch Ideas in Japan

back to school lunch ideas in Japan

It’s hard to think about back to school lunch ideas in Japan when you’re in the midst of summer vacation. Summer and a freer schedule is a refreshing and welcome change for most families.  Less time is spent watching the clock during the carefree days of summer and meals are more relaxed. As summer winds down and […]

8 Necessary Vaccines for your Child – Routine Vaccinations in Japan

routine vaccinations in Japan

Routine immunizations keep your children safe from several dangerous and potentially fatal diseases. While vaccinations can vary by country, Japan has designated several key vaccinations as routine for children of certain ages. See a copy of the schedule for routine vaccinations in Japan here. Why are some shots designated as routine vaccinations in Japan and others are just recommended? […]

The MMR Vaccine in Japan – protection against Measles, Mumps and Rubella

mmr vaccine in Japan

Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) are three serious diseases that were previously very common among children. These conditions led to symptoms including rashes, swollen glands, arthritis and, in the case of measles, even brain damage and death. In order to combat the prevalence of these airborne diseases, a vaccine was released for widespread usage in 1989. Known […]

Circumcision in Japan

circumcision in japan

Circumcision in Japan is not an operation traditional to the culture.  A general study of global male circumcision rates shows that less than 1% of the population in Japan is circumcised. With the exception of Korea with a high circumcision rate of nearly 80%, most Asian countries have a circumcised population of about 10%. Recently, […]

Infertility Support Group in Japan

Dr. Taiken Jo, Director at ACURA Acupuncture Clinic in Shibuya

One of our Medical Partners, Taiken Jo, Director and head acupuncturist at Acura Acupuncture Clinic, the leader of acupuncture infertility treatment in Japan, has just recently launched a peer support group called TTC -Trying to Conceive.  Seeing that there has never been an infertility support group in Japan I was interested in finding out just […]

Receiving fertility treatment in Japan

Feritlity treatment in Japan

Receiving fertility treatment in Japan can be a daunting experience. Many of my patients tell me stories of discern and discomfort concerning invasive treatment and testing methods. For many foreigners, the frustrations that come from fertility treatment and restricted discussions times with the doctors and hospital staff is compounded by the sometimes insurmountable barrier of language. To […]

Child constipation and diarrhea

constipation in children

All mothers are at sometime faced with the impact of child constipation and diarrhea.  I recently held a seminar called The Poop Project. Great name huh? In short, I got together with a few moms in my neighborhood and broke down a child’s digestive system in both western and eastern medicine. I explained how to prevent loss of appetite, constipation and […]

Fertility Therapy in Japan

Fertility therapy in Japan

Living in Japan as a foreigner and trying to take on the daunting task of having fertility therapy in Japan can be incredibly stressful. The treatment itself is taxing on the body and can be mentally trying even if it’s in your own language. Even more so if it’s in a foreign language. Saying this, keeping […]

Pediatric Emergency Medical Care in Tokyo

Pediatric emergency care in Tokyo

It is especially important for those of us with kids to be prepared for the unexpected fevers and broken bones that somehow seem to occur after most hospitals and clinics are closed.  The good news is that pediatric emergency medical care in Tokyo is available. In Tokyo, where the majority of foreign residents live and […]