10 Tips on How to Enjoy Hanami in Japan Plus the Best Spots to go!

How to enjoy Hanami in Japan

Hanami season in Japan is finally upon us.  A vast array of Spring flowers, most notably Sakura, the famed Japanese Cherry blossoms are blooming as we speak, and a rainbow of color is all around us.  Hanami 「花見」is the Japanese art of flower viewing and enjoying the ephemeral beauty of Sakura among friends and family is a […]

Buying Non-GMO and Organic Vegetables in Japan

non-gmo and organic vegetables in Japan

Buying non-GMO and organic vegetables in Japan may seem difficult, especially if you don’t know what to look for.  There are so many unique vegetables in Japan.  Vegetables such as mizuna, daikon, wasabi, shiitake mushrooms, Japanese sweet potatoes, renkon (lotus root) and many others are very prominent in Japanese cooking, or 「和食」 Washoku.  They add a unique depth […]

Food Additives in Japan – What is Really in Your Food?

Food additives in japan

Did you know that there are currently 454 designated food additives in Japan?  This article will delve into everything you need to know to stay safe and healthy when it comes to food additives in Japan.  Some of these additives are naturally derived while others are chemically derived.  Some are existing foods and some additives are considered a food […]

How Premium Soy Sauce in Japan is Made

Premium Soy Sauce in japan

Looking at the different brands and types of soy sauce in Japan can be really confusing.  Aside from the labels, they all look like bottles of uniform, black liquid.  How can you distinguish between a premium soy sauce that uses high quality ingredients and something that is probably full of additives and artificial flavors?  Furthermore, does the quality of […]