Booking doctor appointments online in Japan

Booking doctor appointments online in Japan

Booking doctor appointments online in Japan with English-speaking doctors has never been easier. Have you had the thought that traveling all the way over to the clinic or hospital to make the appointment is a hassle, I certainly have. Not interested in any services that require a subscription and you would much rather like the […]

Can brushing your teeth prevent diabetes and heart disease?

prevent diabetes heart disease

While it may be a fairly recent discovery in the world of medicine, the health of one’s mouth and the rest of the body are inextricably linked. Taking care of your mouth and maintaining proper oral hygiene can do more for you than limit cavities — according to new research, it could actually help lower your risk […]

Yaeba and the Cultural Differences in Japanese Oral Care


What makes a smile a good smile? Is it the color, size or shape of the teeth? What about their placement? How long should you spend taking care of your teeth each day? And what is yaeba? As it turns out, what’s considered a nice set of teeth varies from culture to culture, which means oral hygiene […]

Root Canal Treatment in Japan without a Microscope


Dr. Nakamaru is one of the few dentists in Japan whose clinic owns and uses a powerful industry-grade surgical microscope, allowing their dentists to precisely inspect and work on teeth. In this blog post, Dr. Nakamaru shares with us why it is important to ask if your dentist is using a surgical microscope before undergoing root canal treatment […]

3 Compelling Reasons to opt for Private Dental Care in Japan

Hello. My name is Goro Nakamaru. I’m the owner of the Nakamaru Dental Clinic in Yokohama. In 2015, I made the difficult decision to cease accepting Japan’s National Health Insurance (NHI). In this article, I would like to share three compelling reasons to opt for private dental care in Japan and my reasons for becoming a private practice (as opposed […]

Disadvantage of Dental Care with National Health Insurance


Healthy Tokyo is delighted to welcome its newest Medical Partner, Nakamaru Dental Clinic, based in Yokohama. Dr. Goro Nakamaru, trained at U.C.L.A. in California, has been running the Nakamaru Dental Clinic since 2002. His clinic treats both Japanese and foreigners of all ages and is well-known in the area for being both incredibly professional and exceptionally […]

Teeth Whitening in Japan

teeth whitening in Japan

Have you considered teeth whitening in Japan? Your smile is one of the most powerful communication tools that you have. Unfortunately, because of what you eat, drink, and even due to some medications, that sparkling smile fades away with your teeth slowly getting discolored and stained. Age and bad habits, like not brushing and flossing […]

Dental implant expert in Azabu, Minato-ku

Sakakibara dental clinic is a dental implant expert in Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo.  The clinic was established more than 30 years ago and has provided treatment for locals as well as those residing outside Tokyo. The director introduced the practice of laser dental treatment to Japan when it was unknown in 1984 after researching it at Universite de […]

English-speaking dentists in Japan

Dentist in Japan

English-speaking dentists in Japan It has been rumored that there are more dental offices in Japan than convenience stores. A quick search reveals this to be true with about 67,000 dental facilities and “just” 54,000 convenience stores throughout the country. Amazing statistics when one considers how ubiquitous Family Mart, 7/11 and Lawson stores are in […]