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Top 15 places to experience a matcha tea ceremony in Japan!

Top 15 places to experience a matcha tea ceremony in Japan! Kyoto, Tokyo and more!
The top 15 places to experience a matcha tea ceremony in Japan can be hard to find. With many adulterated ceremony's catered to tourists. In today’s HealthyTOKYO article we will be taking a look at 15 places around Japan where you can enjoy the most traditional matcha tea ceremony for yourself. The Japanese tea ceremony, [...]

Finding Healthy Protein Bars in Japan – What to Look For

energy bars in japan heading
Protein bars are such a versatile snack because they are individually packaged and you can eat them on the go.  Healthy protein bars in Japan are growing in popularity as people move towards, more natural, delicious and easily obtainable snacks. It can be hard to find a snack that boasts a high protein value with a balance of [...]

Fuji-Q Highland at Mount Fuji — Leading with the Heart

AED in Japan FUJIQ park entrance
One of Japan’s iconic theme parks, Fuji-Q Highland at Mount Fuji, is proactively protecting the health of visitors by installing the portable lifesaving devices known as AEDs.  When someone suddenly collapses, it’s a frightening scenario for everyone. That’s especially true when the heart is involved: sudden cardiac arrest is a common trigger in such scenarios for [...]

Safety at Mount Fuji heightened with AEDs

AEDs Now Available on Mt. Fuji and Throughout Tokyo tour guide
Climbing a great peak like the world heritage of Japan is a feat to be most proud of. But the accomplishment means nothing if you don’t account for your health and safety at Mount Fuji during the climb. A physically demanding activity, such as climbing Mt. Fuji — which is 3,776 m in height — can [...]

Japan ranks lowest on Future Health Index, despite world class health care

future health index Japan healthcare Insights and revelations data
Did you know that the Japanese have one of the highest life expectancies worldwide, yet according to the Future Health Index, they worry about having limited access to information and resources needed to live healthy lives? Philips recently surveyed healthcare professionals and patients across 13 countries about their thoughts on the healthcare system. Specifically, they assessed the extent [...]

5 Olympic Health Risks – Rio 2016 vs. Tokyo 2020

5 Olympic Health Risks - Rio 2016 vs. Tokyo 2020 disease pollution crime
The 2016 Summer Olympic Games are set to debut in Rio de Janeiro on August 6, but the hype surrounding the event is not of the usual variety. Instead of speculating which countries would take home the most gold medals this year or if Michael Phelps will be able to expand his already record-breaking medal [...]

Bringing your pet to Japan

bringing your pet to Japan
Our pets truly are members of the family. They provide companionship and comfort when we need it most, so the idea of moving away without them just doesn’t seem possible. But relocating a pet to another country comes with its own set of protocols. What steps do you have to follow when bringing your pet to [...]

Natural Craft Beer in Japan – Hakuba Brewing Company

natural craft beer of Hakuba Japan spring
Hakuba, home of  the 1998 Winter Olympics is a world-famous town among skiers and snowboarders, with tens of thousands coming annually for some of the softest, and most guaranteed, snow in Japan. Besides the winter sports, there are numerous other outdoor activities that makes Japan a wonderful winter holiday destination. This is also the home of [...]

A Stress-Free Work Environment for People On the Go

Regus Businessworld Stress-Free Work Environment
How to keep stress levels low during working hours is ever elusive, and relaxation can’t always come in the form of a hot stone massage or a trip to a hot spring. To achieve a stress-free work environment, most experts will recommend creating a workspace free of clutter and noise. For people on the go, controlling the surroundings is not [...]