HealthyTOKYO launches Arctic Zero Premium Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert in Japan

Allergen-free, vegan, and only 40 calories per serving

Arctic Zero has launched their premium non-dairy frozen dessert in Japan for the first time ever. This creamy ice-cream-like dessert from sunny California is allergen-free, vegan and contains just 40 calories in a 118 ml cup. 

HealthyTOKYO K.K. (the exclusive importer) is initially releasing two flavors, chocolate and vanilla maple, in 118 ml individual serve cups. It is now available in Haneda Airport at the HealthyTOKYO Cafe & Shop and National Azabu Supermarket in Hiroo, Tokyo. You can also purchase it online at Vegan desserts snacks.

This is a premium non-dairy frozen dessert in Japan that can be enjoyed together by the whole family – from kids to seniors. Each cup contains just 40 calories which is 80% fewer calories than in traditional premium ice creams. This low calorie offering is made possible by the use of a small amount of organic sugarcane and monk fruit. Monk fruit is a small tropical melon from Asia that provides a natural sweetener with very few calories. The low sugar content makes it a great choice for anyone concerned about sugar intake. 

For those looking for healthy ingredients, Arctic Zero is vegan and contains no lactose, eggs or any other allergens. A quick look at the label reveals nothing but goodness: low calorie, low sugar, no allergens and tastes great. Dutch Cocoa, also known as European style cocoa is carefully prepared to reduce the acidity and smoothen the flavor for a wonderful chocolate experience. Vanilla is derived from a tropical orchid and maple from a cold-weather tree – the ultimate combination of simple ingredients.

Arctic Zero Inc., the San Diego based company behind this frozen dessert line is a pioneer in the light ice cream and non-dairy frozen dessert market. This non-dairy version contains fava bean which results in a creamy, plant-based offering without the allergens or aftertaste of soy, coconut or almond products. Arctic Zero does not use erythritol, a sugar alcohol which is known to cause digestive issues. In short, Arctic Zero cares about what you put into your body and makes products accordingly.

HealthyTOKYO is excited about the opportunity to offer the first-of-its-kind premium non-dairy frozen dessert in Japan. Stop by National Azabu Supermarket, the HealthyTOKYO Cafe & Shop at Haneda or pick some up online.

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