Radio Taisou – The national exercise of Japan

Radio Taiso Excercise Japan

Folks, if you ask any individual who has been to school in Japan, what “Radio Taisou” ラジオ体操 is, they will give you not only a description, but most likely a music-laden preview of this national exercise. I remember during summers, waking up early around 6am, to meet friends on school grounds to take part in […]

Not Fishy Enough: Healthy Oily Fishes in Japan and the Benefits

Eat healthy fish in Japan

Not Fishy Enough: Oily Fishes and Health Benefits We’ve all heard that fish oil is beneficial to our health and including more fish in our diet is encouraged. Among other benefits, fish consumption helps to lower cholesterol and reduces the chances of cardiovascular disease. In addition fish oil is considered to be helpful in brain […]

Birth control pills in Japan and other contraceptives – A basic guide


Why can’t I find many choices for oral contraceptives in Japan? Unlike many Western nations and some Asian countries as well where the use of birth control pills is a common choice for women, birth control pills in Japan still have a long way to go until they near the same level, partially because of […]

Energy and vitamin drinks in Japan

Japan has a longstanding relationship with energy drinks. In fact, some of the first energy and vitamin drinks in Japan were created in the 1960’s by a pharmaceutical company. Now, when many of us think of a typical “energy drink”, we probably imagine popular brands like RedBull and Monster drinks in their eccentrically designed cans. […]