Back to School Lunch Ideas in Japan

back to school lunch ideas in Japan

It’s hard to think about back to school lunch ideas in Japan when you’re in the midst of summer vacation. Summer and a freer schedule is a refreshing and welcome change for most families.  Less time is spent watching the clock during the carefree days of summer and meals are more relaxed.

As summer winds down and alarm clocks start ringing again, most parents cringe at the thought of packing school lunches. I remember when my daughters were in school, it took a little while to get back into the swing of things after going back to school. The struggle is real! Luckily, HealthyTOKYO can help you with some back to school lunch ideas in Japan.

As a mum myself, I secretly loved the return to a routine and the satisfaction that came from sending my girls off with a nutritious school lunch.  My focus was always healthy but also interesting and delicious food to keep things fun when lunchtime rolled around.

Whether you’ve got young children or a mob of teenagers, I’ve compiled some great ideas for you to create a variety of healthy lunches. The best part is that all these back to school lunch ideas in Japan are all-natural, additive-free and you can order these back to school sets on the HealthyTOKYO online shop and get them delivered straight to your door.

If you’ve never given much thought to food additives, it’s time you did.  Currently there are 449 additives that are allowed in food in Japan.  449, you heard that right!  Sugarlady products have zero additives. Nada. Zip.

Not only are they additive-free but they taste amazing! Your kids will have the coolest lunchbox at school and all the moms and dads at school will be amazed at the variety of delicious food that looks like it took forever to prepare, (when actually it didn’t!)

Normas Back to School Lunch Western style whats included - changed

I’ve created an easy back to school set that contains all you need to make delicious and healthy western style lunches. Here are the goodies in the healthy lunch box back to school set:

  1. Berry bagels (2 bagels = 200g) with blueberries (200g)
  2. Focaccia (4 pieces = 280g) with egg or tuna salad
  3. Mini slider burgers (8 pieces = 240g) on wholemeal buns (5 pieces = 125g)
  4. Pork wrapped asparagus (5 pieces = 125g)
back to school set Japanese obento lunch box

For those of you that would rather a more traditional Japanese style lunch, I’ve also crafted a back to school set containing my favorite Japanese obento lunch ideas for the kids. The Japanese obento lunch box themed back to school set contains:

  1. Pumpkin salad (130g)
  2. Sushi (280g)
  3. Edamame  (300g)
  4. Teriyaki chicken (144g)
  5. Kinpira rice burger (1 burger = 144g)

Stock your freezer with these goodies and in no time flat, you’ll be packing cool and interesting lunches with zero additives! Of course you can buy all these ingredients separately so you can mix and match different goodies too!

I hope you like my back to school lunch ideas in Japan for both western and Japanese preferences and feel free to browse and build your own creations. I’d love to hear what yummy Sugarlady food your kids love in their lunch boxes!

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