Bread Spreads for Every Taste

Its safe to say most of us have a strong connection with the humble piece of toast.  Often taken for granted and overlooked, it usually brings to mind a certain time of day or event where this golden tasty staple was involved.  Most likely that memory is more about what you spread on it than what was underneath. You may have a favorite, but we’re here to introduce you to a few new bread spreads that just may knock your standby off the shelf.[vc_video link=””]If jam or jelly is your toast companion then do yourself a favor and take a look at the Italian fruit spreads in the online shop.  The Fiordifrutta line is completely organic and the one thing that completely sold me is no added sugarto these jams.  Typically jams are loaded with sugar and your morning toast can really send you into a glycemic overload, but these bread spreads are sweetened only with apple juice, organic of course.

Amazingly each jar contains over 3 pounds of fruit and maintains the natural nutritional value of the fruit through a low processing temperature.  I grew up on homemade jams and jellies and have had a few jam making sessions in my own kitchen.  I know exactly how much sugar goes into the making of jam and the part it plays on the setting factor of the fruit. This company has found a way to get rid of all that sugar.  There are 10 different flavors and surely at least one for you.

Think beyond the slice of bread and imagine all the great recipes that will be complemented by flavors like pomegranate, apricot and fig along with the regulars like raspberry, strawberry and orange marmalade.

This same company also produces an amazing hazelnut chocolate spread, similar to the popular Nutella brand.  While originally intended as a toast spread, hazelnut chocolate spread has an entire life of its own in the cooking world. Even if you’re not overly creative, a jar of this chocolate spread on hand will put simple crepes or waffles over the top. And for those days when nothing goes right, whole-wheat toast topped with this small amount of decadence will solve all your problems☺

Last but not least, the tried and true peanut butter. The Whole Earth line of peanut butters is completely organic, a fact really important when consuming peanuts.  If you’ve not read the review on this line and peanut butter in general, take some time to do so to understand the importance.

Peanut butter is such a staple for most and it is well served by the Whole Earth line. This British company produces peanut butters with no added sugar, fillers or preservatives.  There is one to suit everyone in your household from crunchy or smooth, to stir or no-stir varieties. If you are a peanut butter fan and living in Japan, you know how difficult it is to find it. When you do, it is usually a version loaded with sugar, salt and all sorts of preservatives.

These bread spreads and butters are all available in the online store at Healthy Tokyo – So stock up your pantry.

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