How To Buy Healthy Groceries in Japan

how to buy healthy groceries in Japan

Navigating how to buy healthy groceries in Japan is a major concern as an expat in Japan. Have you ever given much thought to what additives are in your food?

Currently in Japan, there are four hundred and forty nine additives allowed in food regulated by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

449!  To me, that sounds like a huge number of additives. There has to be a way to buy healthy groceries in Japan and eat a healthy, natural diet free from additives!

In our efforts to help you lead a healthy lifestyle in Japan, HealthyTOKYO would like to introduce you to the Sugarlady Company which has an impressive line of food that has zero additives, yes – zero!

Based in Tokyo, Sugarlady has been providing Japan with additive-free food and products since 1970.  From day one, the company has been committed to bringing safe and high quality food to Japanese homes.

Sugarlady offer a variety of food with both Western and Asian flavors including meat, seafood, fruit, vegetables, side dishes, and bakery items.

When you are looking to buy healthy groceries in Japan, you look for products are good value and high quality. Sugarlady food doesn’t require any artificial additives or flavors to make it palatable.

All Sugarlady food is:

  • Non-GMO,
  • Contains no MSG,
  • Contains no artificial colors
  • Contains no additives

Sugarlady is committed to food safety so you can rest assured you are giving your family the best.

The wide variety of food from Sugarlady also extends to meat. Knowing what kind of meat you are eating is a high priority when you are looking to buy healthy groceries in Japan. The range of meat from Sugarlady is free from:

  • therapeutic chemicals
  • hormones
  • antibiotics
  • GMO’s

The livestock is allowed to mature longer for a better balance of lean meat and fat which yields better tasting meat.  The beef comes from Australia and New Zealand, the SPF pork and authentic Wakadori chicken is produced under strict farm controls domestically within Japan.

When you buy healthy groceries in Japan, produce is a major piece of the puzzle. The line of Sugarlady organic vegetables are grown both domestically and abroad. All produce is cultivated under the strictest organic farming methods and is regulated under Japanese supervision. All the organic products bear certification from the Japan Agriculture System or JAS.

The company also implements additional testing procedures that exceed the requirements put forth by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. Additionally, some Sugarlady products are traceable from the growing period all the way through the entire production history.

In order to bring you the highest quality food, Sugarlady takes the utmost care.  Normally, frozen food is tasteless and full of additives.  I assure you this line of frozen food tastes unlike anything you’ve tried before.

The Sugarlady commitment to quality and care extends beyond the food to the packaging which is also free from substances that are known to cause harm. This is something that is important but rarely considered when we try to buy healthy groceries in Japan.

With over one thousand products in the Sugarlady lineup, everyone in the family is bound to find their favorites.   Sugarlady food is easy to prepare making it perfect for busy weeknights and allow for a delicious, healthy meal in no time.

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