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Buy Organic Matcha in Tokyo at National Azabu!

h By Yuko Nakajima

March 16, 2017

If you struggle to buy organic matcha in Tokyo, then read on because we have great news! HealthyTokyo is excited to announce that you can now buy the entire range of HealthyTokyo Organic Matcha at National Azabu Supermarket in Hiroo!  National Azabu has a long standing history of providing Tokyo with a vast range of products both from within Japan and overseas.  This international supermarket is known for selling high quality products that are hard to find, right in the heart of Tokyo, and we are so blessed to be a part of that.

where to buy organic matcha in tokyo

National Azabu international supermarket in tokyo logo

National Azabu is located only a hop, skip and a jump away from exit one of Hiroo station on the Hibiya line, so it’s easily accessible for all you Tokyo-ites and matcha lovers!

HealthyTokyo Organic Matcha has been available on our online store since December, 2016.  Although we are only three months in, 2017 has been matcha mania for us because along with our online store, our line of matcha is also now available on Amazon Japan!  While it is such a great feeling to shower the internet in a cloud of green, this brand new matcha collaboration with National Azabu is a huge milestone!  It means if you’re in Hiroo, you can buy organic matcha in Tokyo, anytime you feel like it!

where to buy organic matcha in tokyo david

Matcha is the taste of traditional Japan in a tea cup, so HealthyTokyo is proud to bring you matcha that is JAS certified organic and both good for you and good for the environment.

We’ve got matcha to match your every mood:

No. 1 – Ceremony – for when you want to treat yourself with a Japanese tea ceremony
No. 2 – Energy – for long lasting and stable energy, so you can kick your coffee habit
No. 3 – Sprinkle – for giving all your favorite foods that superfood feeling
No. 4 – Cooking – for getting creative in the kitchen

Find all four of the HealthyTokyo organic matcha products in the tea and coffee aisle of National Azabu.  This post may seem like good news overload right now but I can’t keep this secret in any longer!  HealthyTokyo will soon be launching a cookbook with recipes that have been crafted with love by Norma that is exclusively, all about matcha!  If you’re looking for more information about matcha, its health benefits or recipe ideas, then click here to learn more.  If you pop in to National Azabu, then say hi to Dale for us.  (He’s National Azabu’s hilarious resident Canadian!)

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