Do Something Good, Get Something Good


Does most of the wine you drink at home come from the supermarket? That’s certainly easy, but choice is usually quite limited, and – at my (suburban) supermarket, anyway – the offerings rarely change.

If you like to experiment with various styles of wine but have little to no time for browsing your local wine shop (or like me, live in a place where there is no local wine shop!), you might be interested in joining a wine club.

And if you want to support mental health in Japan, you can “do something good, and get something good” when you join the TELL Wine Club.

The TELL Wine Club offers subscribers a choice of 3 or 6 bottles of wine a month, delivered to their doors, with distributor Grape Off donating to TELL every month from each subscription.

Every month, Grape Off’s experts select 3 or 6 bottles of their finest wines from Napa Valley, France, Italy, or Australia, giving subscribers the chance to try a variety of different wines, then order the ones they like on a regular basis. It also provides a wonderful (and delicious) opportunity to support mental health in Japan.

And if you sign up before the end of the year, Grape Off will add an extra bottle FREE for the first month of membership. So 3-bottle set subscribers will get 4 bottles and 6-bottle set subscribers will get 7.

Click on over to the Grape Off site to “Do something good, and get something good!”

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