Doctors in Japan – How to say it

If you ever found yourself looking for doctors in Japan while you were still new to the country you may have noticed the vast amount of clinics and hospitals, here and there, that seem to specialize in different medical fields. That’s because Japan’s medical system is set so that if you have a certain condition, you go to a specialist for diagnosis or treatment. In other words, there are very few one-stop shops, more commonly known as General Practitioners, when it comes to being ill in Japan.

Here’s a quick list of basic specialists and how to say it in Japanese:

外科 “Geka” – General Surgery

内科 “Naika” – Internal Medicine

耳鼻咽喉科 “Jibiinkouka” – Ear, Nose, Throat treatment

整形外科 – Orthopedic Surgery “Seikeigeka”

眼科 – Ophthalmology “Ganka”

婦人科 – Gynecology “Fujinka”

産婦人科 – OB/GYN “Sanfujinka”

精神科 – Psychiatry “Seishinka”

皮膚科 – Dermatology “Hifuka”

小児科 – Pediatric “Shounika”

歯科 – Dentistry “Shika”

If there’s a specific condition and you aren’t quite sure where to get help, consider if the problem is presenting outside the body, inside the body, or on a specific part of the body (i.e. ear, skin, etc.), then see if there’s a doctor who specializes in that field. Many Japanese who aren’t sure what the problem is go to 内科 “Naika” – Internal Medicine, for check-ups and general problems presenting inside the body. Even if the specialist doctor cannot help you, they will direct you to the right specialist or hospital.

English-speaking physicians in Japan are available through, all with their special set of skills to help you get better and stay better. HealthyTOKYO will try our best to find the help you need.



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