English-Speaking Urologist and Dermatologist in Yokohama joins HealthyTOKYO – Sakuragicho Ocean Clinic

ocean clinic dermatologist in yokohama

HealthyTOKYO is happy to announce that, Sakuragicho Ocean Clinic, an English-speaking urologist and dermatologist in Yokohama, has joined the HealthyTOKYO Medical Partner Network.

It is housed in Colette Mare in Sakuragicho, right across from Yokohama Landmark Tower. The clinic has been around as long as the shopping complex, since 2010. Colette Mare stands tall with a cinema, gym, hotel restaurants and several other stores and a medical mall on the third floor. It is in the medical mall where visitors will find the Sakuragicho Ocean Clinic, with a stylish and fresh interior. The equipment and furniture is modern and new with a blue ocean theme, complete with aquarium.

The director of the clinic Dr. Makoto Suzuki, also Chairperson of Medical Corporation Seishinkai, is the one and only urologist in Kanagawa that uses the relatively new HIFU treatment. HIFU stands for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound and allows a skilled urologist to treat prostate cancer without the need of invasive surgery. Dr. Suzuki uses a machine to direct strong beams of high frequency sound waves towards the cancer cells to eradicate them. HIFU has a high success rate and minimal side effects compared with other forms of prostate cancer treatments.

Sakuragicho Ocean Clinic also has an English-speaking dermatologist. As the summer sun rays intensify and more skin is bared, especially when visiting the many popular beaches of Kanagawa, remember to apply plenty of sunscreen and if you do happen to notice an abnormal mole, Dr. Murakami at Ocean clinic is more than happy to take a look.

For more information on Dr. Suzuki and Dr. Murakami, visit their Medical Partner page and read their full profiles found under the “Doctors” tab.

To make your appointment with an English-Speaking Urologist and Dermatologist in Yokohama, contact the HealthyTOKYO concierge or call the Sakuragicho Ocean Clinic directly.

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