Essential oils in Japan – Healthy Living In A Drop!

essential oils in Japan
In the age of breakfast bars, conbeni obento lunches, and ‘smart‘ phones, there is no dearth of self – proclaimed ‘gurus‘. Whether to lose weight the easy way, get in shape super fast or to maintain your youthful looks. Our parents, grandparents, and THEIR parents, had no need for these ‘gurus‘. Their health, looks, and lifestyles were influenced by tradition. Be it traditional medicines, beliefs or practices. With age comes wisdom. Or  at least THAT’S what some wise old person said once upon a time! It’s been one ‘light bulb moment‘ after another for me. I now see how wise my mum was, when she insisted on warm oil hair and body massage, before a shower, was the way to go. Teen fear of pimples, acne didn’t warrant a dash to the dermatologist. The ‘recipe‘ for a clean and clear complexion was in the kitchen. Amongst the fragrant oils,  herbs, seeds, powders, and even some vegetables. Somewhere along the way, like many others, I ventured along a different path. Hypnotized by the beauty, flavors, and fragrances – all in alluring, fancy bottles. And THEN! A chance encounter with a friend, a long chat about families and health, lead to talk about old remedies and grandmas’ favorite oils. Touched upon and praised, and waxed eloquence, were ESSENTIAL OILS. Taking me back decades(!!!!!), to my childhood. Back to the times of rose petals and Sandalwood fragranced incense at dusk, bringing quiet peace and calm to the home, the fragrance of Eucalyptus bringing relief to a stuffy nose, mint leaves from the garden for an ailing stomach. Benefits of Essential Oils in Japan can be enjoyed not just with aromatherapy, which is NOT all scented candles and fragranced linen spray. These wonderful oils can be used not just for a relaxing body massage, but also on your face and hair. Rub a drop of rosemary on your wrists and find yourself focusing better. A drop of peppermint helps you feel energized. Cooking with Essential Oils in Japan is fast becoming the ‘thing‘ to be in to! Add a drop of Organic Orange Essential Oils to a couple of tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, mix well , and drizzle over a bowl of Salad, for a delicious, uniquely flavored bowl of Goodness. Even my “no salad, please“ 11 year old son enjoys THIS particular Salad. A couple of drops of Organic Lemon Essential Oils to a pitcher of Iced Tea makes for a refreshing drink on sultry, Summer afternoons. And my favorite, for all potato lovers. A  drop or two of Rosemary or Oregano Essential Oils added to Extra Virgin Olive Oil,  makes for an absolutely delicious dish of roast potatoes. So. Let’s stop and ‘smell the roses‘, and Jasmine and Sandalwood and Geranium and Chamomile and Basil and Ylang Ylang…the list goes on. Finally, after a long and stressful day, retreat from the hustle and bustle of modern life, to a relaxing environment, and let peace and calm descend, as the fragrance of Lavender embraces the tired mind and body, lulling you to a blissful night. Awaken the next morning, refreshed and ready, for HEALTHY LIVING — IN A DROP!

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