Gym in Tokyo – Minato City Sports Center

Do you want to hit the gym in Tokyo or practice other sports, but don’t want to make a contract with a club? There is a great option for a gym in Tokyo – Minato City Sports Center. Located close to the train stations of Tamachi and Mita in the Minato ward, the building hosts different facilities that you can use on a pay-as-you-go basis.

The first time you go to the Minato City Sports Center, you will have to register to get a personal member’s card. The registration is free and only takes a few minutes. Go to the Sports Center reception desk on the third floor, bring identification like your driver’s license, health insurance card or residence card and they will ask you to fill-in a short form (English version available).

If you are a Minato-ku resident, worker or student, you will get a discount on the entrance fee and pay 500 yen each time instead of 800 yen. Once you have registered, you just charge your card each time to access the facilities by using the machines in front of the Sports Center Reception Desk.  The card works the same way as the ones for the train.

Now that you have registered, you can access a wide variety of sport facilities: gym, swimming pools, martial arts centers, two arenas, two running courses (indoor and outdoor), and three sports halls. The facilities have public use hours, as well as hours for classes. You can find the schedule on Minato City Sports Center’s website. While using the facilities, English-speaking coaches will help you if you have any question on how to do an exercise properly or how to use a specific machine or facility. The Minato City Sports Center is a very convenient place especially for a short term stay or if your schedule does not allow you to practice sport as regularly as you would like.

Contact Info:

Address: Floors 3 thru 8, Minato Park Shibaura, 1-16-1 Shibaura, Minato-ku 105-0023
TEL: (03)3452-4151
FAX: (03)3452-4920

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