Hair Loss in Japan

hair loss in japan

Hair loss in Japan remains a stressful subject, since male pattern baldness for Japanese men tops the list in Asia. Yet there is certainly hope for expats living here or on their way. While some Japanese have been known to use a shoe-polish-like concoction to conceal bald spots or lack of follicles thereof, wives tales claim that eating a lot of seaweed will reverse a receding hairline. It couldn’t hurt and is most likely quite healthy due to the abundant nutrients, but the impact of nori and wakame on hair loss is dubious.

Still the best option for hair loss in Japan is to consult dermatologists and hair treatment clinics who will most likely recommend Rogaine or Propecia. So no worries about continuing your treatment if arriving from overseas. There are also some other OTC options that claim to have shown positive results. One such product is Kaminomoto A. This contains Sodium Succinate and Sodium Fumarate to encourage cell function and Kamigen E, which stimulates the growth of hair roots by increasing blood circulation.

What causes hair loss anyway? 

  • Shedding fifty to a hundred hairs a day is normal for most people. But most often, more dramatic hair loss is related to:
  • Heredity (pattern baldness)
  • Hormonal changes
  • Medical conditions (alopecia, infections, lupus, other)
  • Hair Pulling Disorder
  • Radiation
  • Medications
  • Excessive hair-styling
  • Not to mention your wife/husband, girlfriend/boyfriend, children,  or boss who’s driving you totally crazy.
  • For some more fact checking on the causes of hair loss, the Mayo Clinic provides ample details online.

There’s hope for hair right here.
While hair loss in Japan is a real and practical concern as opposed to a fashion statement, here’s what you can expect when visiting some clinics found around the Tokyo metro area like Azabu, Shibuya or even in Yokohama.  Hair transplants, plugs, lasers, hormone therapy, Rogaine and Propecia are the standard protocol for getting back what was once there. Each offers their own benefits, but only a specialist can make a determination which is the proper course of action. Skin sensitivity, body chemistry, sunshine and allergies are just some of the factors to be considered. Psychology can also be tossed in there as well. That is why treatments are always based on an individual’s overall health and are handled on a case by case basis.

Note:  The use of Propecia, a popular drug by Merck, should only be prescribed and recommended by a physician. Typically it is only used by men.

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