Hawaiian Volcano Sea Salt – 100% Natural and Healthy

We met a guy named Sam Wilburn who left Austin Texas about five years ago for the shores of the Big Island with its bountiful nature and diverse ecosystems.

He started experimenting with salt. Yes, the stuff we all put on our food for flavor, and are generally careful not to overuse. Sam tells us that Hawaiian 100% natural sea salt “has 48% less sodium than table salt” and that is not all.

Sam has perfected the art of smoking salt giving it a rich and earthy flavor. He uses only pure sea salt dried in the Kailua Kona sun and then smokes it using a variety of fine woods from the Big Island. Guava wood is used to cold smoke the salt giving it a light earthy sweetness. Smoking other salt with Kiave, a thorny bush similar to mesquite, gives it a bold and rich smoky flavor.   This stuff is outstanding for finishing off fish and meat as it gives it a rustic flavor even when cooking at home.

Sam’s Hawaiian Volcano Sea Salt has been “discovered” by many local chefs, including those at the Four Seasons Resort Hualalai. For those of you looking for other “flavors” of salt, Sam also has unseasoned natural Hawaiian salt as well as a series of seasonings.

His stuff is 100% natural. No added smoke flavors or colors. Just natural salty goodness from one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Hawaiian Volcano Sea Salt
Handcrafted by Sam & Paige Wilburn

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