Healthy Bread in Japan as Part of a Balanced Diet

healthy bread in japan

Healthy bread in Japan is always on my shopping list. I’d wager most people eat healthy bread in Japan at least once a day. Whether it’s a hot and crunchy piece of toast in the morning, a focaccia sandwich at lunchtime or a chewy piece of naan bread with curry; bread is a major staple for most. The best part is, you can eat a healthy diet while still making bread a part of your diet.

I grew up on the smell of freshly baked bread and I was always amazed at the golden brown loaves that were once balls of soft, springy dough.  My mum was an amazing bread baker and she always made perfect loaves of bread from natural and wholesome ingredients. Since moving to Japan, I continually strive to eat healthy bread in Japan.

Have you ever given much thought to the bread products you’re eating and what may be in them?  Most commercial bread products, whether pre-packaged or bakery fresh contain additives of an artificial and/or chemical nature. Artificial additives and chemicals commonly found in bread in Japan have been linked to all sorts of ailments from cancer, to heart disease, and diabetes, just to name a few.

Fortunately, HealthyTOKYO has found a solution to avoid all those nasty additives and chemicals.  We’re happy to bring you a large assortment of healthy bread in Japan from Sugarlady.  If you’re not already familiar with Sugarlady products, now is a great time to listen up!

Sugarlady products are all free from artificial additives.  Their product line is vast and covers a variety of food groups, taste preferences, and dietary requirements.  The best part is, all Sugarlady products can be ordered online and delivered to your door. You can rest easy knowing you are consuming natural food without any artificial additives.

The Sugarlady bakery has a great selection of healthy bread in Japan, from wholegrain rolls, pizza, graham bread, waffles, bagels, naan bread, focaccia and even frozen dough.  Now, you can have that fresh baked bread smell in your home too!

These are my favorite choices for healthy bread in Japan. Depending on the situation, there’s something for everyone!

This Margherita Pizza does not taste like frozen pizza at all. Every time I bring it out, everyone comments that it tastes just like it came out of a wood fired oven in Naples!

Perfect pizza Margherita-A

Since my kids were young, I’ve loved having waffles on a Sunday morning but in Japan I don’t have a waffle iron. Luckily, these waffles taste just like the waffles I used to make from scratch!

Hand-baked waffle-A

I love baking my own bread but sometimes I don’t have the time to make the dough, proof it and bake it, that’s why this ready-made bread dough is such a great option. I can pull it out of the freezer and bake it whenever I need bread!

Bread dough (8 pieces)-B

I always try to eat whole wheat or seeded bread because I think it’s a healthier option. That’s why this graham bread is good to have on hand, it’s healthy but still fluffy and soft and great for sandwiches.

Graham bread-A

Nothing beats a crusty, chewy baguette, and I although I never eat hotdogs, I love cutting up these baguettes to have with soup or a charcuterie platter.

Soft French bread (for hot dogs)-B

Bagels are a favorite in our household and these options are healthy and delicious. The bagels made with soy milk are good eaten both sweet or savory. If you’re looking for a sweet, fruitier option, the berry bagels are delicious with cream cheese!

Plain bagels made with soymilk-A
Berry berry bagels-A

I like using this focaccia for open faced or gourmet sandwiches. This focaccia is also delicious to eat dipped in extra virgin olive oil.


Curry is a really easy hearty option for dinner with warm, chewy naan bread!


I like to make healthy burgers at home with lean meat patties or even salad rolls and these five grain bread rolls have a great texture.

Five-grain bread-A

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Checkout Sugarlady’s website for the food shown in this article and much more!

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