Hummus & Falafel in Tokyo – Ta-im for Healthy Israeli food


Hummus & Falafel in Tokyo – Ta-im for Great Healthy Israeli food

Recommended by a friend as a “must-try” healthy middle eastern place in Tokyo, we wandered over to a little corner shop which can be easily reached from Ebisu or Hiroo stations.  This authentic gem is called Ta-im  and serves up some amazing homemade Israeli cuisine.  Ta-im, which means “delicious” in Hebrew,  lives up to its name from your first glass of Israeli wine to that last lip-smacking dollop of hummus.

Ah the hummus! Owner Dan Zuckerman imports his own ingredients soaking the chickpeas for 24 hours before moving on to the cooking and preparation.  He claims that the tahini content is way above the legal limit for hummus, making it a creamy and rich tasting experience.  “It’s a bit of a secret” he says as he laughingly goes on to describe in fine detail the process behind this heavenly creation.


Fresh salads, lamb, and of course falafel are all on the menu.  After our first visit we had to go back for a second and third time to savor these delicacies and see if our infatuation was just a short-term fling.  Nope! This place is good and has already become a HealthyTOKYO staff favorite.

Ta-im serves some great pita sandwiches and lunch plates in the afternoon and is a cozy friendly place to go at night.  Don’t expect fancy – just good home-cooked Israeli food served with a smile.


1-29-16 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


03 5424 2990

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