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Practice Karate in Tokyo at Kyokushin Daikanyama Dojo package

A Karate Dojo in Tokyo is our latest partner to help you stay fit and healthy. Lead by world-renowned master, Shokei Matsui, Kyokushin Daikanyama Dojo is the most spacious place in Tokyo for you to master the real art of Kyokushin Karate.

Kyokushin Karate is a full-contact style of martial art that gives you a great opportunity to train both your body and mind at the same time. Through practices, not only do you build physical strength, you also build inner strengths such as persistence and self-control. It also teaches manners and disciplines that are heavily embedded in Japanese culture, which makes it a great Japanese experience, especially for new expats.

Practice Karate in Tokyo at Kyokushin Daikanyama Dojo kata

The Karate Dojo in Tokyo offers classes for adults are available during evenings and weekends, and are offered from beginner to advanced levels, in both Japanese and English. Kids can join classes late afternoon during weekdays, making it a perfect afterschool activity. For children attending international schools, the dojo is also a place to socialize with Japanese peers. Kyokushin Karate can be a great support for your parenting as it teaches your child the life values of respect, modesty, and consideration for others. Adults & Kids classes on Saturdays also make it easy for some quality bonding time with your kids.

Practice Karate in Tokyo at Kyokushin Daikanyama Dojo power racks

Just a brief walk from both Shibuya and Daikayama train stations, it is conveniently located in the newly designed FLUX Conditionings building. To enhance your training, you can also explore other FLUX facilities, including a gym and a swim facility. The concept of Flux Conditioning is to help you improve your body condition, increasing strength and endurance, rather than just building muscles. You will find that the gym equipment is unlike other fitness centers where weights are dominant. From self-powered treadmills to rope-pulling machines, the FLUX gym offers a much wider variety of equipment. Serious about improving your body conditions, FLUX Conditionings analyzes each new member with a SOAP test to find your particular areas of improvement and determine the right exercises for you. With a world-class wave-generating swimming machine, the Aqualab lets you swim endlessly in your own private 1-hour sessions.

After you workout, you can enjoy some relaxation time at the Shiatsu Treatment Center and the Flux Café. Professional Shiatsu treatments can help release tension from your muscles, leaving you feeling refreshed. The traditional Japanese “Kappo” cuisine at the Flux Café gives you healthy choices to support your fitness plan and help you satisfy your stomach before reaching for other cravings.

Practice Karate in Tokyo at Kyokushin Daikanyama Dojo flux cafe

Various different membership packages at the Karate Dojo in Tokyo are available to suit your personal needs. For starters, we recommend the Kyokushin Karate & FLUX membership package. Only ¥21,600 per month, it gives you full access at the state-of-the-art gym facility, the Aqualab, and Kyokushin Karate classes. Check out the class schedule at their partner page here at HealthyTOKYO.com.

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