Matcha Love Mothers Day Brunch Recap

matcha Love Mother's Day Brunch recap

#SundayFunday is an understatement for this Matcha Love Mothers Day Brunch Recap! The venue, atmosphere, menu and crowd were all alight with fun. This Hawaiian themed restaurant is always buzzing, and the Ohana at Aloha Table Natural in Hiroo went above and beyond to craft the perfect vibe for all the mothers out there.

The menu

Relaying the dishes is the most important part of this Matcha Love Mothers Day Brunch Recap, right? All the items on the special menu exclusively featured HealthyTOKYO Organic Matcha in three delightful and innovative ways that catered to so many different tastes. On the menu were:

  • Matcha Eggs Benedict
  • Matcha Smoothie Bowl Detox Set
  • Matcha Tiramisu

Both the Eggs Benedict and Smoothie Bowl Detox Sets came with a Green Energy Shot, a refreshing and healthy concoction of HealthTokyo organic matcha powder, kale and water.The Hollandaise sauce on the Eggs Benedict was infused with organic matcha, giving it a fresher flavor. The avocado and salad added even more plant based goodness to the perfectly poached eggs.

I could talk about the smoothie bowl all day, but let me just say, the Detox Set absolutely hit the spot! The veggies (kale and spinach) combined gloriously with the fruitiness of the kiwi, bananas, strawberries, and blueberries. The smoothie bowl was garnished with lashings of matcha and granola. The cool airiness of the smoothie, the pop of the fruit, and crunch of the granola created a texture sensation.

The accompanying kale salad was dressed with a tart orange colored dressing, creating an appetizer with contrasting flavors perfect for that warm spring day.Obviously, no meal is complete without a healthy dessert! Aloha Table’s take on Tiramisu was laced with matcha, not only in the coffee soaked sponge, but infused in the fluffy whipped cream. For a finishing touch, it was generously dusted with matcha powder. This Japanese style tiramisu also contained a layer of Azuki beans for added protein and drizzled with Kuromitsu 黒蜜 (which is similar to molasses) for a touch of extra sweetness.

That brings us to the end of our Matcha Love Mothers Day Brunch Recap. Thank you to everyone who came! To everyone who tried any of the three #MatchaLove options on the menu, we’d love to hear your Matcha Love Mothers Day Brunch Recap! What did you think of the event? Did you treat your mom? Did she love it very matcha? How long until my matcha puns get old? (Hopefully, never)

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