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Matcha Love Mother’s Day Brunch

h By Yuko Nakajima

May 11, 2017

HealthyTokyo and Aloha Table Natural in Hiroo have come together for a special event this Mother’s Day! The Matcha Love Mother’s Day Brunch was created because we wanted to show how matcha we love our mom’s! This special menu will only run from 9.30am-2.30pm on Sunday the 14th of May at Aloha Table Natural so don’t miss out!

Matcha Love Mother's Day Brunch

If you’ve forgotten to buy a gift, Aloha Table will also have tins of HealthyTokyo organic matcha exclusively for sale! Just for the Matcha Love Mother’s Day Brunch, we have a special promotion going where if you buy two tins of organic matcha, you can download the HealthyTokyo ‘Itadakimatcha’ eCookbook for free!

Mother’s Day in Japan is always the second Sunday in May. Like the rest of the world, it’s a day devoted to honoring not only your mom but the maternal figures in your life. Traditionally, celebrating Mother’s Day in Japan is done by gifting a bouquet of flowers, more specifically pink or red carnations or roses and preparing a special breakfast.

Making a decadent breakfast for your mother would no doubt be delicious and well appreciated but wouldn’t it be great to take her out for a healthy brunch? Aloha Table now features HealthyTokyo’s Organic Matcha on special menu items, but for the Matcha Love Mother’s Day Brunch, the entire menu is matcha themed! The whole family can appreciate the healthy and delicious fusion of eastern and western flavors.

The dishes featured in the Matcha Love Mother’s Day Brunch are all healthy and very Instagram worthy! They all come with a complimentary Matcha Green Energy Shot that contains kale and matcha making it full of chlorophyll and antioxidants. The mix of savory and sweet items cater to every kind of brunch connoisseur.

The Matcha Love Mother’s Day Brunch Menu

  • Matcha Green Energy Shot
  • Matcha Eggs Benedict
  • Matcha Smoothie Bowl Detox Set
  • Matcha Tiramisu

The Matcha Eggs Benedict is similar to a recipe Norma created (which is in the e-cookbook!), with matcha and avocado infusing the hollandaise sauce for a fresher take on the brunch favorite.

The Matcha Smoothie Bowl is enhanced with matcha and spirulina along with delicious fruit for added goodness.

The Matcha Tiramisu is dusted with HealthyTokyo organic matcha powder and served with sliced bananas for a uniquely Hawaiian vibe and Japanese flavor on this Italian favorite. It’s the Miss World of desserts!

If you’re finding it hard to choose, why not splurge and get mom all the special Matcha Love Mother’s Day Brunch items so she can really feel the love!

Matcha love mother's day brunch english menu matcha love mother's day brunch jp

How to get there

Here’s a map to see how to get there so mom doesn’t have to lift a finger!

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