Matcha Sakura Latte – in celebration of Vernal Equinox Day

matcha sakura latte

This Matcha Sakura Latte is the perfect way to celebrate Vernal Equinox Day!  Today is the first day of Spring and as the days get longer, the weather gets warmer and a dazzling rainbow of floral colors greets you at every turn.  There are many beautiful flowers that bloom during Springtime in Japan, such as plum blossoms and magnolias but none are more beautiful, nor iconic than, Sakura – the cherry blossom.

Heralding spring, the blossoming sakura signify a time of renewal, growth and beauty, and this matcha sakura latte will bring new life to you too!  This matcha sakura latte uses real cherry blossoms that have been preserved in salt and in only a few short minutes, the natural beauty of spring will be blossoming in your kitchen as you sip this very special, seasonal, matcha sakura latte.

Similar to sakura, matcha is quintessentially Japanese.  It has a long history and is steeped in tradition and beauty.  What I love about this matcha sakura latte is, it is a wonderfully modern way to enjoy HealthyTOKYO organic matcha

Matcha is teeming with health benefits so it’s a delicious way to energize and get your daily antioxidant hit.  Unlike coffee, the caffeine in matcha is slow releasing, thanks to l-theanine, so there are no nasty energy peaks and troughs.

matcha sakura latte
matcha sakura latte

The scent of Spring is already in the air, and the best way to to spend Vernal Equinox Day is in the sunshine, gazing at the sakura with a matcha sakura latte in hand.


Yield: One 8oz latte

8 oz milk of your choice
1 ½ tsp Apple Syrup
1 tsp Organic Matcha Classic
1-2 preserved cherry blossoms, pre-soaked in water*


  1. Soak cherry blossoms in ½ cup water for 10-15 mins before using to remove salt.  Soak longer if you prefer to remove all traces of saltiness.
  2. Drain and chop the sakura finely.
  3. Add sakura, milk and apple syrup to a saucepan and heat gently.
  4. Meanwhile, mix the matcha with a few teaspoons hot water.
  5. Blend the matcha water into the milk mixture whisking until frothy.
  6. Pour into a mug.
  7. Garnish with another sakura blossom if desired.

*Preserved cherry blossoms can be found at bulk food stores throughout Tokyo.

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