Mother Knows Best


Every couple of weeks or so, my mummy friends and I get together for lunch. It is really more of a group therapy with lunch. This is usually initiated by a mum most in need of some downtime with her girlfriends.

I am always amazed how quickly and efficiently, a day and place are picked and reservations made! The venue being secondary to everything else. Not long after, it’s the day for the mums-only-lunch. Allowing a few minutes for excited greetings and hugs, the waiter already armed with the menus, gently and efficiently leads the group to a big enough and far enough quiet corner. Needless to say, it doesn’t stay quiet too long! Thankfully the lunchtime crowd soon starts coming in and the mums chatter and laughter are part of the daytime ambience. Our waiter, perhaps having hosted similar ‘Group Therapy Lunches’, left for a few minutes to allow us to settle. He then looked over, knowing quite well, there would be ONE mum, hungry enough to detach herself from the conversation and wave him over. SHE would be the one to bring momentary order to the table, place lunch orders and THEN let the therapy continue. Having gotten all the polite inquiries out of the way (families, kids, school, etc.) it is time to relax, unwind and enjoy the hour or so we had to ourselves!


And so it was, at one such mums only lunch, that half way through our appetizers, the table went quiet. All attention was on one of the mums, who was guzzling glass after glass of ice cold water! Once done, she noticed all eyes on her. As way of explanation, said “What?” It is very hot here !” “No it’s not “ assuringly smiled the therapist of the moment, “it’s called hot flashes”. That was an “Elementary, Dear Watson” kind of a moment. A quick diagnosis having been made, remedies came forth fast and furious. Avocado a day, soya milk, yoga, handy fan. Even an unsure hormone replacement therapy was a questioning suggestion. Perhaps a special diet & exercise regimen offered another helpful mum.

Suggestions, ideas, reference books, health magazines, articles – all had a quick, short life in the conversation. None of which sparked much interest in our friend. The momentarily cool mum now had many options, but hardly any sure thing to interest her. We had unwittingly added to her stress and confusion. Someone suddenly suggested “talk to your mum”. Now THAT was an “ Elementary, Dear Watson” moment if EVER there was one! The eye roll and exasperated sigh spoke VOLUMES! She already had. It seemed, ‘Mother Knows Best’ does not quite apply to one’s OWN mother!

mohters know best essential oils sage

By the time dessert was served, everyone had a chance to be on the ‘couch’ and to be the ‘therapist’. With the arrival of cups of herbal teas , Chamomile, Lavender, Peppermint , the conversation veered to essential oils and among others, their relaxing and calming effects. One of the mums, an avid user of essential oils, talked about how she incorporates the oils as part of a healthy lifestyle for herself and her family. Be it for cooking, cleaning, aches and pains, beauty routine or simply diffusing some essential oils to relax at the end of the day! Sipping her icy iced tea, the mum, still on the ‘couch’, jokingly asked if there were ANY essential oil that could help HER. A light bulb went on in the essential oil loving mum. YES!! In fact, there were some that could . Sage, Spanish Sage, Clary Sage, Bergamot and Geranium are all quite effective. The pleasant fragrance also relaxes and relieves stress. FINALLY, a bright smile lit up our friend’s face. She declared she was going to try essential oils, Mother Nature’s gift to us. And with a twinkle in her eye and a naughty grin on her happy face, she added, “After all, MOTHER KNOWS BEST”!

Healthy Living – In A Drop!

by Kay Adam

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