National Azabu Matcha Tasting Event Recap and a Huge Announcement!

National Azabu Matcha Event Recap

It’s time for the the National Azabu matcha tasting event recap for the event last week!

HealthyTOKYO had a fabulous weekend sampling our organic matcha and talking to the friendly Tokyo community. Check out our photos on Instagram!

We were blessed with gorgeous spring weather last weekend. The warm breeze and sunshine were the perfect setting for our matcha sampling session in Hiroo. Not only did the constant stream of sugar-free vegan matcha lattes give us #energy, but meeting all your friendly faces made our weekend! We made so many great friends and thanks to National Azabu supermarket, HealthyTOKYO was able to spread the word about premium organic matcha and the incredible health benefits you can gain from adding it to your diet. Before HealthyTOKYO’s tasting event, no doubt many people knew what matcha was. While matcha is synonymous with Japan, it can be hard to know how to prepare and consume it beyond the traditional way of whisking it with hot water. As many of you know by now, Norma is our creative genius behind the many matcha goodies we highlight.

Breaking news!!! Itadakimatcha is an e-cookbook containing 50 delicious and healthy recipes by Norma, featuring all four types of organic matcha. If you’re looking for other ways to use the highest grades of pure organic matcha powder, this e-cookbook is perfect for you!

HealthyTOKYO matcha cookbook

Back to the matcha tasting event recap..This three day long sampling festival at National Azabu was the first place you could try her newest creation – the never before seen – raw, vegan matcha coconut squares. If you liked it, then stay tuned for the recipe! It was wonderful to see so many people convert to full on matcha lovers after trying samples of the sugar-free organic rice milk matcha lattes and Norma’s innovative vegan matcha coconut squares. These are just two examples of the many ways this unique, Japanese superfood can benefit a healthy diet. Those lucky enough to attend this event were able to enter the competition to win a set of organic matcha and a traditional bamboo chashaku! The set contains:


This exclusive giveaway is valued at ¥10,000 and was only available to those who stopped by the HealthyTOKYO National Azabu matcha tasting event this weekend!

So now to what you have all been waiting for in this matcha tasting event recap! No doubt, you’ve all been on the edge of your seats waiting to hear who gets to take home the prize!

The lucky winner of our matcha giveaway is Ann-Katrin van Schie! Congratulations Ann-Katrin! A package full of HealthyTOKYO matcha goodness is coming your way!

Happy FriYAY friends, and thank you very matcha to everyone who came out! Can’t wait to see you at the next one!

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