Natural and Organic Snacks Available Online in Japan

Organic Snacks online in japan

Healthy organic snacks could be considered an oxymoron by some. Are you up early several mornings a week to get your work out in before heading to your job? Do you get off the train one station before your stop to achieve your minimum steps in each day? Do you forgo the tonkatsu (pork cutlet) at lunchtime in favor of a healthy salad? Hopefully the answer to one or more of these questions is yes a good majority of the time. If your answers are mostly on the positive side then you are certainly making a conscious effort to take care of your health. Kudos to you!

With all this dedication to staying fit most of us can benefit from a slight digression from time to time. When you crave a snack that is not part of your daily menu, its good to know that there are reasonably healthy organic snacks you can indulge in and not derail your efforts.

Chocolate – If chocolate is your guilty pleasure check out the line of organic chocolate from the Alter Eco Company. These chocolates are judged to be the top by a leading consumer research association in France.  There is sure to be a favorite amongst the different types offered. Additionally if a rich hot chocolate satisfies your sweet tooth, the Clipper Fairtrade Drinking Chocolate is not to be missed.  It will hit the spot on a cold winter night!

Biscuits – Sometimes a buttery cookie finishes off a meal quite nicely. We are sure you will find a favorite amongst the varieties offered from this French company using all organic ingredients.

Organic Tea – Okay, this may not be considered by most as a treat, but honestly it should be when you taste the luscious flavors offered by Clipper Teas.  Hailing from Britain these organic teas will go nicely with that biscuit mid-afternoon or after dinner! These teas are healthy and low calorie and can satisfy your sweet tooth without any guilt.

Organic Chocolate Desserts – Does a creamy velvety dessert hit the spot for you?  If so, try the Provemel Organic Chocolate Soya Desserts.  Its all about portion control and these little pods will satisfy your craving and at only 88 calories each it won’t send your fitness plan off the rails!

Natures Path Organic Granolas and Cereals – Traditionally known as breakfast foods but sometimes a bowl of cereal is just what the doctor ordered.  Alone or on top of yogurt, you’ll get that crunch and hint of sweetness while consuming whole grains and minimal sugar.  Check out the large variety and you are sure to find your favorite.

Spreads – Jam, Honey, Hazelnut Spread, and Peanut Butter – Spread one of these items on a simple cracker or healthful bread and you may just satisfy your sweet quota.  There seems to be no law against eating jam or peanut butter outside of the breakfast hour, so go ahead!

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