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Yukari-Toufuku-at-Terme Felice Organic Day Spa in Tokyo

Located in the heart of Daikanyama is an organic beauty salon in Tokyo, virtually unknown to the English-speaking community – Until now.

Terme Felice organic beauty salon in Tokyo is the brainchild of Yukari Toufuku who is passionate about the positive effects of organic treatments and cosmetics to naturally energize and rejuvenate your skin. She has spent an immense amount of time researching and locating organic spa and beauty products from around the world and offers the “fruits of her labor” to all of her customers.

For those of us lucky enough to live or visit in Tokyo, Terme Felice offers customized organic facials and body treatments, based on an evaluation of each customer’s skin type and condition.

Body and facial courses are available. Try the Relax Course to relieve stress in your muscles, while rejuvenating your skin. The Detox Course assists to release toxins from your body and the Lift Up Course concentrates on specific areas of your body to raise contour lines.

Terme Felice Organic Day Spa in Tokyo couple massage

Looking for the ultimate pampering? Try the organic 210-minute spa package, which begins with a soak in an aroma bath, continues with an expert massage of your back then feet – moves on to a hand therapy massage, a soothing facial and then a shoulder and head massage. Let the stress relief begin!

Several Maternity Courses are also available. Expecting mothers can relax with treatments that use the highest quality organic essential oils. Body and face treatments help to alleviate stress in the back, legs and neck and are followed by a soothing facial and head massage. Postpartum skincare is also a focus for Terme Felice to help rejuvenate the skin sometimes impacted by hormonal imbalance.

This organic beauty salon in Tokyo is located just a one-minute walk from Daikanyama station in a serene shop on the second floor.


Terme Felice

20-17 Daikanyamacho, Shibuya, Tokyo 150 – 0034

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