Organic Homemade Peanut Butter in Tokyo

Organic Homemade Peanut Butter in Tokyo

Crunchy or smooth? That seems to be the only issue for most people when it comes to peanut butter. Since we are serious about our PB&Js, we decided to go out and find a good organic homemade peanut butter in Tokyo.

For peanut butter fans in Japan there had been little to cheer about. Jars of Skippy can be found in many international stores while tubs of Japanese ‘peanut cream’, a sweet spread, are easily found but should not be confused with the real thing. Japan has only recently been introduced to the stuff that Americans seem to devour with great delight. In fact it was only in 2012 that Reese’s Pieces finally made their way to these shores. 

Things are about to change as a new product is about to entice those to what George Washington Carver made famous. For those looking for a peanut butter of a higher, healthier quality the answer comes from the wonderful people at Marugo Deli in Ebisu, now offering organic homemade peanut butter in Tokyo. What makes it so special is down to a certain prefecture in Japan on the eastern outskirts of the capital.

Chiba is very famous for its organic peanuts. In fact it is the highest producer of domestic peanuts in the country. Okinawa was the first place to grow the famed legumes (for they are not really a nut as they grow underground) in Japan but the quality and quantity from Chiba soon put them at the top. The humid summers make it an ideal place to harvest the nuts late in the season and true connoisseurs know that this means a level of quality not found elsewhere in Japan and even around the world. Cheaper, drier imported nuts from China and America saturate the market but for the very best think Chiba. China may be the biggest producer of peanuts in the world but many Chinese in the know make their way to Chiba for the good stuff!

As Marugo Deli is all about getting the best quality there really was no option but to use Chiba peanuts in their new organic offering. Unlike most commercial brands, there is no added sugar or oil, just 100% fresh peanuts. The nuts are brought into the store in the shells and shucked on the premises. What is more, they even have a grinder in the shop so you can make your own and solve the dilemma of crunchy or smooth; how about something in between? Not to worry if you are in a rush though as the store sells ready to go butter that is guaranteed to hit the spot! They even use the red outer coating of the nuts in the butter too; nothing is wasted! It is so good that you probably will want to find an equally great jelly for your perfect PB&J!

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