Massage Therapy in Japan – more than a luxury

Do you go for massage therapy in Japan? Having regular massages is important for your body and mind. There are many reasons why you should be having regular massages and I recommend that you try different types of massage and find a therapist who you connect with and will improve your physical and mental state […]

Relax at the Hallii’ Kai and Fairmont Orchid Spa

Hawaii Condo Rental discounts sea

Hallii’ Kai and Fairmont Orchid Spa – Hawaii relaxation on the Big Island Aloha from Hawaii! We own two vacation homes on the Kohala Coast of the Big Island, one in the small Golf Villas Subdivision, nestled off the beaten track surrounded by golf course with a private workout facility and salt-water hot tub.  The other is […]

Child constipation and diarrhea

constipation in children

All mothers are at sometime faced with the impact of child constipation and diarrhea.  I recently held a seminar called The Poop Project. Great name huh? In short, I got together with a few moms in my neighborhood and broke down a child’s digestive system in both western and eastern medicine. I explained how to prevent loss of appetite, constipation and […]

Radio Taisou – The national exercise of Japan

Radio Taiso Excercise Japan

Folks, if you ask any individual who has been to school in Japan, what “Radio Taisou” ラジオ体操 is, they will give you not only a description, but most likely a music-laden preview of this national exercise. I remember during summers, waking up early around 6am, to meet friends on school grounds to take part in […]

Fertility Therapy in Japan

Fertility therapy in Japan

Living in Japan as a foreigner and trying to take on the daunting task of having fertility therapy in Japan can be incredibly stressful. The treatment itself is taxing on the body and can be mentally trying even if it’s in your own language. Even more so if it’s in a foreign language. Saying this, keeping […]

Wellness & Relaxation in Hawaii – Kohala Coast on the Big Island

Wellness living on the Kohala Coast, Big Island Hawaii

How about some “Aloha Wellness” on the Big Island? So many of us living in Japan find Hawaii an ideal place to visit given its close proximity, amazing weather and abundance of nature. Wellness & Relaxation in Hawaii is something within easy grasp. One of the most desirable places to visit sits just twenty minutes […]

Organic Shampoo in Japan – Cost saving advice

How to make organic shampoo in Japan

The search for organic shampoo in Japan is over!  I’m not a fancy girl. I don’t usually wear makeup and I don’t spend an entirely long time getting ready in the morning. I use my time instead to chose holistic and skin sensitive products. I do this because of my husband, children and I all […]

Not Fishy Enough: Healthy Oily Fishes in Japan and the Benefits

Eat healthy fish in Japan

Not Fishy Enough: Oily Fishes and Health Benefits We’ve all heard that fish oil is beneficial to our health and including more fish in our diet is encouraged. Among other benefits, fish consumption helps to lower cholesterol and reduces the chances of cardiovascular disease. In addition fish oil is considered to be helpful in brain […]