Birth control pills in Japan and other contraceptives – A basic guide


Why can’t I find many choices for oral contraceptives in Japan? Unlike many Western nations and some Asian countries as well where the use of birth control pills is a common choice for women, birth control pills in Japan still have a long way to go until they near the same level, partially because of […]

English-speaking dentists in Japan

Dentist in Japan

English-speaking dentists in Japan It has been rumored that there are more dental offices in Japan than convenience stores. A quick search reveals this to be true with about 67,000 dental facilities and “just” 54,000 convenience stores throughout the country. Amazing statistics when one considers how ubiquitous Family Mart, 7/11 and Lawson stores are in […]

Time to get soba noodles in Japan – health benefits

Health benefits of soba noodles Ah, the wonderful taste and health benefits of soba noodles in Japan. During my busy day visiting with customers – with so little time for lunch – I came across a fast-food soba shop that was surprisingly delicious. I have had the pleasure to taste some of the most […]

English speaking doctors in Tokyo – Finding quality and bedside manner that meets your needs

Finding good English speaking doctors in Tokyo is something that most of us require periodically, as we work and play in this vibrant and sometimes hectic city. There are some listings of doctors and hospitals available on the Internet and through embassies and other sources. However, what most of us are looking for is some […]

Emergency medical care in Japan – Useful Information

Emergency medical care in Japan

It is not always easy to find after-hours emergency medical care in Japan. The cities and towns across the country do designate certain hospitals for emergency care.  When in doubt check with your local city or ward office. HealthyTOKYO has prepared a list of resources for you to find some of the major services across […]

Pediatric Emergency Medical Care in Tokyo

Pediatric emergency care in Tokyo

It is especially important for those of us with kids to be prepared for the unexpected fevers and broken bones that somehow seem to occur after most hospitals and clinics are closed.  The good news is that pediatric emergency medical care in Tokyo is available. In Tokyo, where the majority of foreign residents live and […]

Find a hospital when traveling overseas – practical advice

Stomach Cancer treatment in Japan hospital

Practical Advice – Preparing for a medical emergency and finding a hospital when traveling overseas I was approached by to provide an article on practical advice to prepare for  and findi a hospital when traveling overseas.  It was just published and I thought it would be good to share with the HealthyTOKYO community. Most […]

Osaka University – Go Gobal Symposium 5 – Exporting Japanese Healthcare

Osaka University Go Global 5

Osaka University – Go Gobal Symposium 5 will take place on January 28, 2015.  This time the theme will be about exporting Japanese healthcare.  The Abe administration supported by many government initiatives in various forms by METI, MHLW and other agencies is calling for both inbound medical travel and outbound export of Japan’s medical technology […]