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Find a hospital when traveling overseas – practical advice

Stomach Cancer treatment in Japan hospital

Practical Advice – Preparing for a medical emergency and finding a hospital when traveling overseas I was approached by to provide an article on practical advice to prepare for  and findi a hospital when traveling overseas.  It was just published and I thought it would be good to share with the HealthyTOKYO community. Most […]

Osaka University – Go Gobal Symposium 5 – Exporting Japanese Healthcare

Osaka University Go Global 5

Osaka University – Go Gobal Symposium 5 will take place on January 28, 2015.  This time the theme will be about exporting Japanese healthcare.  The Abe administration supported by many government initiatives in various forms by METI, MHLW and other agencies is calling for both inbound medical travel and outbound export of Japan’s medical technology […]

Canadian wine shop in Tokyo – 10% off for HealthyTOKYO Members at Heavenly Vines

grapes Wine Shop in Tokyo

We recently had the pleasure to meet with Jamie Paquin the co-owner of Heavenly Vines – the only exclusively Canadian wine shop in Tokyo.  Actually, the only Canadian wine shop in Japan. “Canadian wine?” you may ask? – Yes, that was our reaction as well. Can it be good? After a short discussion with this […]

Spices in Tokyo – Great Deals in Shin-Okubo

spices in Tokyo

Sometimes you just can’t get enough spices in Japan. For those of us who like to cook healthy, those little packages from the supermarket constantly have to be replenished. One or two creative Italian or Middle Eastern meals and the oregano is gone.   A couple of creative curries usually means another trek to the grocer […]

New Year Campaign – Win a relaxing night at the Hilton Odawara Resort & Spa and 20% off from Tengu Natural Foods

The Hilton Odawara Resort & Spa is giving away a one night stay for two lucky couples, including breakfast and access to the on-site bade zone and natural hot springs. Tengu Natural Foods is giving 20% off from ALL orders received until March from HealthyTOKYO Members AND free shipping. Many thanks to the Hilton Odawara […]

Energy and vitamin drinks in Japan

Japan has a longstanding relationship with energy drinks. In fact, some of the first energy and vitamin drinks in Japan were created in the 1960’s by a pharmaceutical company. Now, when many of us think of a typical “energy drink”, we probably imagine popular brands like RedBull and Monster drinks in their eccentrically designed cans. […]

Japan’s Maternal & Child Health Handbook – Boshi Kenkou Techou

maternal handbook in japan

The other day I visited the ward office in Shinagawa to learn more about the Japan’s Maternal & Child Health Handbook – Boshi Kenkou Techou, which is an excellent example of Japan’s high level of healthcare. The handbook is a personal health record that allows parents and healthcare providers to track the condition of a […]

Top Five OTC Drugs for Visitors in Japan – Tokyo (Haneda) International Airport Survey

OTC Drugs for Visitors in Japan

HealthyTOKYO surveyed three drugstores at the bustling Tokyo International Airport*, also known as Haneda Airport, to discover the top five OTC drugs for visitors in Japan and the purchasing preferences of foreign visitors. We assumed that visitors from Asian countries would have different preferences from those from the West when it comes to over-the-counter (OTC) […]