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Roppongi Izumi Garden Marche Pop up Store

h By Yuko Nakajima

February 9, 2017

Pop-up stores are all the rage now and we are pleased to announce that HealthyTokyo will have a stall at the Roppongi Izumi Garden Marche!

Roppongi Izumi Garden marche

The theme for this months lifestyle event is ‘Organic and Healthy Products’ and seeing as HealthyTokyo is your one stop shop for “all you need to stay healthy in Japan”, we jumped on the opportunity to appear at this Roppongi Izumi Garden Marche event lightning fast! We also love any opportunity to get out there and socialize, so this will be the perfect setting for that!

Lock these days in and permanent marker them into your planner!

Here are the event details:

Wednesday February 15 from 1pm-6pm
Thursday February 16 from 10am-6pm
Friday February 17 from 10am-6pm

Roppongi Izumi Garden Marche

HealthyTokyo’s ENTIRE range of Organic Matcha (including my personal favorite – ‘Ceremony’) and even authentic bamboo Chashaku’s will be available for sale at this Roppongi Izumi Garden Marche!

Along with our stellar range of Organic Matcha that’s been lovingly grown and harvested in the hills of western Japan, our stall will be packed to the rafters with information and handmade (with love, by me) vegan, matcha lattes!

We are happy to be conducting this Roppongi Izumi Garden Marche pop up store with our friends at GUE Trading who brings us amazing products, such as the Sembrador Camu-Camu Capsules, Maca Capsules and Maqui Berry Powder and a whole bunch of other good-for-you goodies that will rev you up this February!

I’m still sparkly and new, so I think this will be a really fantastic opportunity to meet all of you in person! So if you’re in the neighborhood and have some time to spare, I would REALLY love it if you popped by. We could have a chin wag over a vegan matcha latte! I think our handsome resident Swede, David may also be floating around now and then so take this chance to brush up on your Swedish!

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