Spices in Tokyo – Great Deals in Shin-Okubo

spices in Tokyo
Sometimes you just can’t get enough spices in Japan. For those of us who like to cook healthy, those little packages from the supermarket constantly have to be replenished. One or two creative Italian or Middle Eastern meals and the oregano is gone.   A couple of creative curries usually means another trek to the grocer – And the prices can be ridiculously high.  Well your problems are solved with the availability of spices in Tokyo – Great Deals in Shin-Okubo. I often purchase my spices at the Halal grocery shops in Shin-Okubo.  There are several of them in a small enclave offering large bags of spices for just a few hundred yen. They also carry everything you need to make your favorite Middle Eastern/Indian/Pakistani delights. Head over to Shin-Okubo station which is just one stop from Shinjuku. As you exit the station you will see a Matsumoto Kiyoshi drug store across the street. To the left of the drug store is the street with all of the Halal shops. Just walk a few meters down and take your pick.   Image courtesy of Artur84 at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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