Staying Safe with Condoms in Japan

Condoms in Japan

Let’s face it. Size matters.

As we soon realize, buying a pair of shoes too large or too small has its uncomfortable consequences. However, buying a pair of shoes requires some experience and perhaps trying a variety of brands. Some never find the perfect brand and settle for popular recommendations, whilst others swear by one and never buy another. Just as personal is buying condoms.

As you would not buy a pair of shoes that are too big or too small for your feet, you need to be sure you are getting condoms of the right size. Size aside, consider also fit and comfort level. Many a time, the fit may be fine but it just does not feel right. When many foreigners lament how difficult it is to find condoms in Japan that fit, perhaps they are grousing about how it makes them feel and not simply the size. If you have been in the search of condoms in Japan, you will find local brands a little confusing and perhaps not as satisfying as what you have been used to.

Buying condoms seems to be based on two essential factors:

1. Confidence

As much as condoms are for protection, they are also a tool which can affect your confidence. It is most important to find one you are comfortable with and fits to your liking.

2. Safety

In reality, most condoms can stretch to great lengths and girths. It is little known that diminuitive sizes are actually at higher risk than larger sizes. The function of the condom is compromised if it is too large and can slip off easily.

In the absence of familiar brands from your home country, a trip to the drug store to find condoms in Japan may seem like a high risk adventure. At the drug store, ask for コンドーム ‘kondomu’ and take your pick from there. Rumour has it that the black packaging with a picture of a horse may work well. However, if this makes you uncomfortable, then head to the Condomania store in Meijijingumae. The variety of brands in the store will be comforting, though the same cannot be said of the prices. Alternatively, click here to purchase some.

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