The 7 steps to getting plastic surgery in Japan

The 7 steps to getting plastic surgery in Japan

Akai Medical Clinic in Omotesando works with patients interested in a variety of procedures from nasal reshaping to breast augmentation and anti-aging laser skin treatments. In this article, they’ll discuss the step-by-step protocol involved in getting plastic surgery in Japan.

The decision to get plastic surgery is a large one that requires careful planning and thorough research. If you’re considering plastic surgery it’s important to know what to expect. The course of treatment typically follows these seven steps:

1. Find your doctor
When considering getting plastic surgery in Japan, research will help you find a doctor with the proper certifications and specialties to ensure you get the results you want. They should have their credentials readily available for you to view and make note of any questions you have.

2. Make an appointment for a consultation
Before scheduling any procedure, it’s necessary to meet with your desired physician to discuss the work you’re considering. The doctor can then explain how the procedure would be performed and all the costs involved to help you make an informed decision.

3. Consider all the available options
Go over all treatment options based on your needs and desires during your consultation. This counseling is crucial to help you prepare for how surgery could impact your life not only physically, but also financially. Open, honest communication is of utmost importance.

5. Schedule your treatment
Once you and your doctor have decided on the best course of treatment to pursue, it’s time to schedule the procedure. You will also discuss what downtime may be needed for recovery to help you plan in consideration of your schedule and needs as well as those of your family.

6. Pursue aftercare
Once the procedure is complete, your doctor will explain all the important aftercare steps to be sure you heal properly and achieve the desired effect from your treatment. They should provide multiple ways for patients to contact them with any questions or concerns.

7. Stay in touch
After getting plastic surgery in Japan, scheduling follow-up appointments with your doctor allows them to monitor your recovery and make sure you’re happy with the result. The relationship between doctor and patient doesn’t have to end when the treatment does.

Akai Medical Clinic is led by Dr. Hidemi Akai, a board certified plastic surgeon who was trained at the Showa University School of Medicine in Japan as well as Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital in the United States. This bilingual clinic serves the greater Tokyo area in partnership with Akai Clinical Skincare Yokohama.

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