I Tried Cleansing Oil in Japan and Here’s What Happened!

Cleansing oil in Japan Yuko

Before I tried cleansing oil in Japan I always thought it would make my skin break out and look greasier. Cleaning my face with oil just seems counterproductive! What would happen? Do I wash it down the drain? Does it leave a greasy film? Will it clean my face properly? Cleansing oil in Japan is all the rage and this beauty product has reached cult status, taking the world by storm. But is it worth the hype?

Cleansing oil in Japan

If you read the article on translucent face powder in Japan where I added translucent finishing powder to my make up routine, you’ll remember I said I had combination to oily skin. That’s why I try to maintain a simple beauty routine and wear the least make-up possible. According to beauty experts, using cleansing oil can benefit your skin in many ways.

Why use cleansing oil?

Firstly, the ingredients in natural and high quality cleansing oil predominantly consist of botanical oils. Good examples are fruit oils like bitter orange peel oil, seed oils and nut oils. Along with these healthy oils, plant extracts like chamomile and vitamins like vitamin E are mixed into cleansing oil in Japan to nourish the skin.

Using cleansing oil may seem counterproductive to getting that fresh-faced look because you’re covering your face in oil. In reality, the skin-loving ingredients found in cleansing oil in Japan work by binding to dirt, impurities and ‘bad oils’ that may be found on your skin. Everything is then washed away without clogging your pores or irritating your skin.

Oil-free cleansers can be more detrimental to your skin because they strip your skin of naturally produced sebum, which in turn, can throw off the PH balance and cause your skin to over-compensate and produce more, resulting in a greasy complexion.

On the other hand, cleansing oil in Japan is a better alternative to oil-free cleansers because it simultaneously deeply cleanses while also maintaining the skin’s delicate, natural ecosystem.

Summer in Australia is really hot but dry so it doesn’t irritate my skin as much, even though I do sweat copiously! But since I started living in Japan, the humid summers always causes my skin to break out this time of year. As I’ve always had fairly good skin, save one year when I was 15 thanks to puberty, my confidence takes a hit every summer.

Originally, I thought, now would be the worst time to change up my skin care routine because my skin is highly reactive. Conversely, all the literature I read about relieving skin problems seemed to sing praises about cleansing oil in Japan.

So, one particularly hot and sticky day, I decided to take the plunge and use cleansing oil instead of my usual foaming cleanser. I was skeptical as to the results and whether it could even remove my eye make up as I usually wear waterproof liquid eyeliner. I was also worried about being left with a greasy film on my face AFTER I washed it.

Being the beauty obsessed girl I am, I read up on the best way to use cleansing oil. All my questions were answered once I actually tried it.

How to use cleansing oil in Japan:

  1. Splash your face with warm water to open up our pores. Blot your face to soak up the excess water. Or, you could place a clean, warm towel on your face for the same effect.
  2. Squeeze two or three pumps of cleansing oil into your hands and lather between your palms. This will slightly heat the oil and give it a more fluid consistency which will be easier to work into your skin
  3. Using your hands, spread the cleansing oil all over your face and massage your skin.
  4. Massage for a few minutes in circular motions with your fingertips from your forehead to your jaw and lastly to your chin, working down and in towards your nose. You may feel some grittiness develop, this means its working!
  5. As you work the oil into your skin, add small amounts of warm water to create an emulsion. The oil will turn a milky consistency with the addition of water.
  6. As you massage your skin, the cleansing emulsion will bind to skin impurities, dirt and unclog your pores.
  7. Once most of the oily consistency has been removed, wash your face with warm water until you feel all the oil has been removed.
  8. Pat your face with a clean, dry towel. (Never rub your face with a towel!)
  9. Then follow your usual skin-care routine.
Cleansing oil in Japan Yuko

The verdict on cleansing oil

It may sound laborious or time consuming, but I’ve now replaced foam and cream cleansers with cleansing oil in Japan. Once you go through the motions a couple of times, you can get it down to a fine art.

After only a few days of using cleansing oil in Japan, I saw my skin start to clear up and my complexion even out. I also didn’t get any dry patches (one of the pitfalls of having combination skin) and I found that my skin reached a natural equilibrium and didn’t get as oily as it used to!

I used Purelady cleansing oil by Sugarlady for this beauty experiment.

Cleansing oils-A

All the Purelady beauty products are free from:

  • Additives
  • Artificial colors
  • Artificial scents
  • Petroleum derived surfactants

Of course, everybody’s skin is different and needs different care routines and products so always go with what’s best for you. I always enjoy reading other people’s product reviews so I’m always happy to share my skin care secrets and discoveries with you on HealthyTOKYO!

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